[Headline News] The CCP Concealed Disaster: Reporters Arrested While Filming at the Disaster Scene

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The CCP continued its usual practice by concealing the death toll of the July 20th floods in Henan. Xinhua officially reported that 12 people were died in Zhengzhou, Henan province, while the Henan provincial government reported only 25 deaths and 7 missings.

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The facts in the Zhengzhou City subway alone are that 91 Subway Carriages were caught in the flood and countless people were drowned inside. Because of too many dead bodies, the carriages were covered with black clothes to be transported out. In a video posted on Twitter, Shandong Zibo Funeral Association used large vans to support Henan, with a banner that reads: “Zibo City Funeral Association is with the people of Henan.” At the same time, Henan Xinxiang is also a hard-hit area, many villages “completely disappeared or lost contact.” There is a tweet on Twitter illustrating, a young man who faced the camera and read the names of the flooded villages one by one, calling for help.

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July 26th counted as the “7th day” for the victims of the Zhengzhou floods. There is one touching video at the entrance of Line 5 of Zhengzhou subway. A father parked a bicycle with a sign that says, “My girl, dad wants to pick you up!”

What a sad scene. In Zhengzhou Subway Line 5 station alone, there are hundreds of bouquets of chrysanthemums in memory of the dead. These flowers were blocked by the government with yellow panels to prevent the public from seeing the views.

A Caixin Media reporter, Chen Liang, was arrested for taking photos of the large number of chrysanthemums placed at the entrance of the subway. At the same time, a Southern Metropolis Daily reporter, Chen Chong, was detained by the police while filming. The current locations of Chen Chong are unknown. A Gansu lawyer, named Jiang Yongjian, is looking for his whereabouts.

The evil Communist Party government has no ability to manage the floods. What is more, the flooding in Henan was the first reservoirs flood discharged by man, and then hit by heavy rain. This is a man-made disaster! The CCP government completely ignored its own duty. They are incompetent but only trying to cover up the facts and vigorously arresting those who told the truth.  This is what the evil government does. There will be no end of disasters upon Chinese people who are ruled under the CCP. Chinese people, get up, do not be slaves of the CCP.

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