The CCP’s Monopolisation of the Vaccine Economy

The CCP’s Monopolisation of the Vaccine Economy

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is raking in profits from their mass violation of the bodies of innocent citizens in developing countries through  Sinovac’s global vaccination rollout.

As the New Federal State of China (NFSC) leader Miles Guo pointed out in a recent broadcast, Sinovac, or Beijing Kexing Biotechnology, is also colluding with Wall Street in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Big Data Control project to monopolise the vaccine economy.

Furthermore, on December 10, 2019, Chairman of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Al Hamed announced the official launch of the globe’s broadest genome program under Abu Dhabi-based technology company Group 42. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) affiliated BGI Group (the company harvesting genetic data from pregnant women worldwide) will reportedly provide the program’s gene sequencing technology. Britain’s Oxford Nanopore will also join the program to piece together the most accurate human genome sequence. The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) will also use the results.

According to MGI Tech, a subsidiary of BGI Group, the plan will use large-scale genomic data to establish a medical system for predictive, preventive, and personalised treatment.

“The fully automated sample preparation, ultra-high-throughput sequencing equipment and analysis services of BGI stand out from the competition and become the core technology support of the program, at the same time demonstrating the global competitiveness and influence of China’s genetic technology,” said Wang Jian, Chairman of BGI Group.

Mr Wang added that the program model’s influence is spreading rapidly from developed to developing nations.

Through BGI and Sinovac, the CCP can manufacture human health problems and “solutions” to profit from while maintaining confidentiality and secrecy of all their activities. BGI provides the tech to advance the vaccine business to supposedly cure the CCP virus, and Sinovac uses this technology to dominate the global vaccine market. Moreover, Sinovac is rapidly catching up with Pfizer in its vaccine profits. 

Mr Guo also stated the CCP’s Didi and Hangda sanctions are deliberately and carefully planned strikes to devastate the world’s financial sector. The regime also signed a USD 550 billion contract with Saudi Arabia to collapse the US oil sector and the big US European economy.

So, what is the link between all of these CCP projects, sanctions and contracts?

As usual, it is about power and control. In a nutshell, the CCP wants total global biopower, or control over the human population’s bodies, and financial domination.

The push for worldwide vaccinations is also a push for everyone to believe that a weakness of the human genome causes poor human health and disease. Big Tech and governments worldwide are pretty much telling us that our bodies are incapable of protecting us and regulating our health. However, from the CCP’s manufactured COVID-19 virus pandemic to the pollution of our food supplies, these people in power themselves play a central role in fuelling most public health issues.

Conversely, Mr Guo declared in his broadcast that the New Federal State of China supports a healthy world centred on decency and dignity. He stated the NFSC would work with the world’s financial elite to positively advance AI technology fields, develop social platforms, build a robust global economy, and enhance political and economic international relations strategies beneficial to all humankind.

MGI. (December 11, 2019). BGI Participates in World’s Most Comprehensive Genome Program in Abu Dhabi.

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