[GT Online] Breaking News: CCP Mouthpiece Deplores Online Games as “Spiritual Opium” with Tencent Bearing the Brunt

Written by: Siena

Translated by: BG

Economic Information Daily (EID), one of the CCP’s mouthpieces, published an article today where online video games are likened to a new form of narcotics and Arena of Valor, a MOBA game developed by Tencent, is called out as a negative example.

According to EID’s report, presently. 62.5% of the under-age netizens in China are frequent online game players; 13.2% of the under-age game players spend more than 2 hours playing mobile games on weekdays. Excessive indulgence in online gaming has adverse physiological and psychological impacts on these minors.

Furthermore, the article enumerates with certainty a series of other negative effects online gaming has on teenagers.

EID’s report immediately gave rise to a carnage in the capital market as panic selling caused a slump in the stock prices of Tencent, Netease, and others related to online games.

Was the article issued out of the government’s intention to save the decadent adolescents from gaming addiction? Or was it a means to subdue the private companies seen as threats to the CCP just like Alibaba, Didi Chuxing, New Oriental, etc.?

In 2020, the Chinese video game market raked in RMB 278.687 billion in sales, a 20.71% growth over the previous year. If the communist regime really cares about the health of the teenagers, why did it not contain the market before it grew to such a scale? In the meantime, the whopping market share of Tencent games at 56% is a telling clue about the real target of the CCP’s crackdown on video games.

At the end of the article, EID called for tougher punishments to keep up with the deteriorating situation. We will keep tabs on the development.


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