Summary of Mr. Miles Guo’s Gettr sharing on July 31,2021

  1. Warnings given before that the CCP would release the virus again at summer/autumn time
    (1) Outbreak in Nanjin and Tokyo (will be named the Tokyo Olympic Disaster in history)
    (2) Lockdown of communities in Beijing and Heilongjiang
    (3) Confirmed cases in Guangdong and Hong Kong
    Waves of outbreak will take place all around the world.
  2. Piao Changhai’s sharing was spectacular
    It was a truth-telling show that realistically illustrated the journey of our buddy, which is so much better than the doctor’s lies-filled show. Language is unconvincing and only time will tell the greatness of Whistleblower.
  3. Family members in China got vaccinated
    Family members within the walls have been brainwashed and got vaccinated, which is the result of lacking discerning power. Yet, we can never force others to believe us. We will bear the fruit we plant.
  4. Whisleblower has reliable source of intelligence
    Accurate intelligence, reliable source, and ultra-efficiency are the core strengths of Whistleblower. Believe it or not, it is all up to you. Yan Limeng and Wang Dinggang accepted a few hundred thousands of bribes, attempting to destruct Whistleblower; it is only their wishful thinking.
  5. Striking flooding in Zhengzhou
    There are too many clips that can show how utterly horrible the condition there is but it is impossible to display all to us. The evil deeds of the cops are just too many to record.
  6. Over 50% of presales of Gclub
    The market has a great demand for investments in the G-series. The demand for the new GTV stocks exceed our expectation.
  7. Your nature determines whether you will get help
    Your understanding on good and evil will determine your path. A bad person can still be saved if he/she feels ashamed while doing something unpleasant. Those without shame are wicked. They have harmed too many people. Sara, Yan Limeng and Wang Dinggang must spend the rest of their lives in jail.
  8. US and Europe stand on the same side
    The distance between Europe and the White House are much closer than that between Europe and the CCP. Europe will not change its stance because of the bribery and prostitution offered by the CCP.
  9. There will be a live broadcast at around 9:00- 9:30 am (NY time) tomorrow ( August 1). It will probably be more than three hours. See you there.

(Disclaimer: Opinions are my own, and this is only for the purpose of sharing. I do not assume any liability.)
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