[Commentary]US and China Talk Past Each Other Again

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On July 26, talks between the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi resumed in Tianjin, China, as the March US-China conference in Alaska left many issues for further negotiation. Dave Patterson from Liberty Nation News described, “The dynamics of the meetings in Tianjin continued much as they were: China took the negotiating stage and the U.S. State Department sat in the mezzanine seats no more than the scenery and props on the stage”.

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Similar to the combative opening by senior Chinese officials during high-level talks in March in Alaska, China took the initiative to start the conversation, with Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng’s confrontational remarks soon after the session began. Xie Feng told Wendy Sherman that the U.S.-China relations had reached a ‘stalemate’ and faced ‘serious consequences’, and that it is for the U.S. to take remedial action “to repair relations”, the Biden administration is responsible for making things right between the two nations – not China.  

In the meantime, Sherman emphasized that Beijing must stop persecuting the Uighurs in Xinjiang where the horrifying actions are taking place and hundreds of thousands have passed through indoctrination camps. In addition, Sherman added that the U.S. wants China to stop attacks on human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong and cease its belligerent and hostile activities in the South China Sea and threats against Taiwan.

Obviously, each side in the talks has a very different tone. The CCP is not talking earnestly to the U.S. representatives, but rather, they usually use these diplomatic gatherings as opportunities to communicate messages to its neighboring countries. Using forceful language to show that they are strong and can stand up to the U.S., thus fortifying the image of China as a credible global competitor and showing the PRC will not be intimidated by the United States.

Moreover, the first time the CCP prepared a list of red lines and remedial action it must take to repair relations for the U.S., including:

  1. Lifting sanctions and dropping its extradition request for Huawei financial chief Meng Wanzhou;
  2. Lifting the visa restrictions on Communist Party members, their families, and Chinese students; 
  3. Lifting the sanctions imposed on Chinese leaders, government officials, and agencies;
  4. Removing restrictions on Confucius Institutes and Chinese companies; 
  5. Canceling rulings determining Chinese media as foreign agents;
  6. Asking the Biden administration to walk back “wrong remarks and actions of the U.S.” regarding exposing the Wuhan laboratory as the origin of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and CCP policy in the deadly spread of the disease. 

There is nothing opaque about the intention of the CCP, they want the U.S. more open again to continue spying, infiltrating and stealing in the U.S..

It is very clear what the CCP is demanding with the drama it brings to the diplomatic arena. The CCP is only interested in theater, wants to be not just an actor on the world stage, but the dominant actor every time the curtain goes up. They are face-saving. Again, the CCP’s message plays for its audience, not for any substantive progress in solving problems between the two nations. Recent talks between China and the U.S. demonstrated that already.

As the sole ruling party in mainland China, the CCP has openly torn down the mask of “serving the people” at the Tianjin talks. It did not talk about the reasons behind the deteriorating relations between China and the United States, the well-being of the two peoples, and the major issues of maintaining world peace between China and the United States both as responsible major countries. The list of red lines made by the CCP for the U.S. are only related to the interests of the CCP itself and its families in the U.S., as well as the matters of the CPC in the U.S. and its endorsement agencies. None of them are state affairs or have considerations for the interests of the country or the nation. It could be seen that the Trump and the Biden administrations’ sanctions and crackdown on the CCP really hit their sore spots and death points. The CCP, which would rather die to save face and suffer, had to disregard their embarrassing images, and directly/ straightforwardly/ brutally ask the United States to lift the visa restrictions on the CCP officials and their families. Most of the CCP officials are kleptocrats and traitors, who are fishing a large number of people’s money and property in the domestic market, while sending their children and families to the United States. The United States sanctions on the CCP officials would block or even shatter their perfect parasite life in the U.S. No wonder they are getting into a flap, desperately jumping at the wall!

Of course, what the CCP played so low would impossibly be reported inside China, but walls have ears. The CCP’s list of the red lines has been spreading widely inside China. Although the CCP always takes the U.S. as simulated enemy to propagandize and attack, their superb acting with domineering attitude expressed hysterical begging for relaxing the sanctions. No choices expose the fact what they had kneeled to beg the United States. Let those CCP’s cult followers get a fatal stroke, not to know what to do, and feel seriously being betrayed and teased by the CCP. This is a good opportunity to reverse brainwashing to save more and more compatriots. The CCP would be the crazy streaker inside China very soon.

This also just proves Mr. Guo’s insightful judgment: What the Biden administration has done is no less than the Trump administration’s on taking down the CCP. The system and mechanism in the U.S. determine that even if Wang Qishan becomes the President of the United States, he has to take down the CCP! What a brilliant and accurate conclusion. It means what the CCP keeps infiltrating, kidnaping and controlling the U.S. government by means of the pendulum effect of U.S. bipartisan politics for decades has totally failed. The CCP is going ahead towards its end!



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1 month ago

CCP’s hubris and capacity to make enemies of everybody is unsurpassed in history.