Summary of Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV sharing on July 30,2021

1.    Rules of survival under the CCP

Stay away from the power zones of the CCP, be low-key, clear-headed, discerning, and trust Mr. Guo

2.    The Olympic disaster

The Japanese Government attempted to attain the following three goals through the Olympic Games:

(1)   To enhance economy

(2)   To pave way for Abe to be the next Prime Minister

(3)   To complete their strategic military setup, nationalize the army and send troops to Malacca, the Middle East and Africa.

Japan wanted to maintain their economy but the CCP grasped the chance to execute their evil scheme to release the virus to jeopardize the safety of the world. This is going to be the Tokyo Olympic disaster.

3.    The dignity we need while alive

To win respect, we need to have understanding, good judgement and discerning power. The CCP brainwashes the people for a prolonged period of time, causing them to lose the ability to discern, judge, and decide; as a result, believing the lies of the CCP.

4.    Life or death

It is your own choice to live or die but very certain that getting vaccinated is suicidal. Mr. Guo will not answer related questions anymore as it is just a waste of time.

5.    Learn to respect the time and effort others have paid and their character

Chinese people need to be educated to take care of others’ feelings to show respect. To get along well, it is essential to stay harmonious, keep a comfortable distance and be grateful. They will definitely be benefited from healthy relationships.

6.    Investments of G-series

Policies before September 17 remain the same. For investments of Gtv and Gclub, using H.E. account to buy and do transaction is the most convenient and safest way. Info exchanges within the Farms are important!

7.    Complain to Mr. Guo directly for unsatisfactory service of the Farms

There will not be fair judgement if our buddies’ complaints are not treated and handled seriously, and there will not be good service. The performance of the Alliance Committee has been quite poor lately as they have worked bureaucratically, and have not properly dealt with the propaganda of Yan Limeng and Wang Dinggang on Youtube.

8.    Different kinds of poor

Whistleblower can’t wait to see our buddies become wealthy, which the CCP dreads seeing. Yet, we need to avoid being undetermined, foolish, greedy and hypocritic. Buddies are encouraged that even if they are poor for now, they should stand firm and not get rich with those who collude with the CCP.

9.    New government in Germany

A right-wing Prime Minister who supports Whistleblower will rise to authority. He/she joined Gettr yesterday.

10.   Miles Guo – truth teller about the CCP virus

Truth always stands. Now Mr. Guo is in his best state and standing together with the most powerful and impactful at the top of the pyramid. He will do great things for sure.

11.    Those who have left Whistleblower and the New Federal State of China are nobody to be mentioned again.

(Disclaimer: Opinions are my own, and this is only for the purpose of sharing. I do not assume any liability.)

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