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1. I’m a pragmatic man. We welcome anyone as long as he/she is beneficial to eliminate the CCP. We make friends according to the good or bad character, but as far as those who participate in taking down the CCP is concerned, we don’t have to judge his character.

2. We support anyone who are committed to the elimination of the CCP. We care nothing but to eliminate the CCP, because we have only one goal, that is to take down the CCP. All compromises and sacrifices are for this goal.

3. If any one of our fellow fighters is exposed to collude with the CCP in the future, they will be disqualified from all investments.

4. We are to clean up all the “poison” hidden in the ranks of the Whistleblowers’ Movement within75 days .  Removing these garbage will bring us millions of fellow fighters, it is worth doing.

5. All currencies will be sharply devalued, and in the next decade, it will enter a period of adjustment for a major disaster. Only digital currencies could come into the golden age.

6. The future direction of humanity depends on whether we can eliminate the CCP or let it  kidnap the Chinese people ruthlessly. Whoever can provide security and a future for mankind, he/she is the winner!

7. Westerners think that once the oriental men value responsibility and love, keep fit and love to learn, if even more polite, then they’ll become perfect  in both Eastern and Western values.


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