[GT Online] Henan Officials Announced the Latest Death Toll of Flooding in Henan

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August 2, the Henan Provincial Information Office held a press conference to inform the latest disaster situation in Henan. It is said that as of 12:00 on August 2, the massive floods in Henan have killed 302 people and 50 people are missing. Among them, 292 people were killed in Zhengzhou City and 47 people were missing; 7 people were killed and 3 people were missing in Xinxiang City; 2 people were killed in Pingdingshan; 1 person was killed in Luohe.

More than 14.5 million people were affected in 150 counties in the disaster area. The official never mentioned that there are 5 large reservoirs, 12 water storage canals opened the dam gates before the arrival of heavy rainfall. This caused serious damage to Zhengzhou City, nearly 5 kilometers of tunnels and subway line 5 was submerged with people inside.  Number of Internet videos showed that Wei River burst its dyke, villagers have nowhere to seek help, and several villages in the Xinxiang and Hebi areas have disappeared.  In China, big data has been applied to the extreme, it should be easy to count the number of dead and missing. But how can the facts and the official data match?

The CCP has always lied and completely lost the moral bottom line.  For its own political interests and governance, it has disregarded the lives of the people. Can this sudden catastrophe awaken the people, let them see the nature of the CCP and embark on the path of fighting for democracy and freedom?

Source 痛心!河南最新遇难人数公布

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