To many the world now is a tangled mess, to me it’s Monster CCP heading perish

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: peacelv

Since the outbreak of the CCP virus in the beginning of 2020, the entire world has been in various disasters. It’s been a long time since I watched TV news, on internet nowadays the news topics, which we would never imagined would happen a few years ago, but now they are happening before our eyes:

  • YouTube Suspends Sky News Australia Channel
  • The troubling truth about Britain’s nuclear deal with China
  • Virginia School Board Takes Massive Stand to Stop Transgender Agenda
  • Cargo Vessel Expelled From US Waters After Discovery Of Chinese Invasive Insects
  • Masks Are Back: CDC Caves, Officially Recommends Vaccinated Wear Masks in COVID Hotspots
  • Afghan forces bomb Taliban in bid to halt advance on cities
  • Chinese VVIP meet with Taliban the next day after meeting US
  • Germany and the impact of extreme weather
  • 20 Olympians pulled after positive COVID test despite high vaccination rates, mandatory masking
  • Female Athletes Call on Legislators in Washington to Protect Women’s Sports

It makes people feel that this world is now a total tangled mess. In fact, for us Whistleblower Movement followers who have been exposing the truth of the nature of CCP and its evil plots to hegemony the world for four years, it couldn’t be any more obvious that it is  Frankenstein CCP heading to perish that caused all the inexplicable s and unbelievable disasters  as this monster won’t be dying quietly.

The CCP, a terrorist organization that has no faith and no bottom line morally, unwilling to hand over the power to the people of China. CCP knows what it means:

  • China concepts stocks crashed when the SEC banned the CCP controlled state or military Chinese companies disguised as provide enterprises;
  •  the 90-day deadline for tracing of the origin of the virus, given millions of people around the world have died of the virus. Once the fact that the CCP’s lab made and released bioweapon virus recovered, people all over the world will definitely hold the CCP responsible.

Therefore, CCP once again demonstrated how evil a communist regime can go far in the direction of evilness:

CCP has started to release the virus in Nanjing and Tokyo 2021 Olympics – Tokyo will be blamed as the cluster of the new wave of virus while the Chinese people once again to be the cost of CCP to play victim. As per Xi jingping’s words: we got to have some death, millions or up to tens of millions so the world will believe we are the victims as the rest of them of this Japanese virus.

The new wave of virus will also save CCP from condemn of its man- made floods havoc in Henan, which has caused tens of thousands of death and countless villages will have to be erased as “dumb villages”.

Here is the latest information revealed by Miles Guo today about CCP’s 2nd Pearl Harbour attack to

  • the world economy with the virus and Trojan Horse vaccine and the disaster will once again completely destroy the world economy.
  • world energy- it will crush the America and the west as CCP has deployed its strategy aroud the world
  • currency- it will destroy the US dollar domination as well as the Euro. The virtually currency will be the next era of currency.

These missions will be carried out by the CCP’s offsprings(1) who are married to the foreigners and were born and brought up in the west.  Imagine what the world will be if CCP succeed?


(1) CCP’s offspring is not the normal sense concept. As Miles Guo exposed 3 years ago: the core of CCP organization is rely on “reproductive organs governance” ,that’s the reason all the families and wealth of CCP kleptocracy are in America and the west. Here is one example to see what CCP’s offsprings meant: one of the CCP’s top leader has fathered more than 500 children by different women with their sperms. In another words: all the Chinese wealth are controlled in the hands of these generations who has blood connection with top CCP leaders. 

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