Katyusha News Reference ——Aug 2, 2021

. The New Federal State of China News 

1. Rep. Miller-Meeks said on Aug. 1 that Biden needs to have a strong stance towards China and Russia. Miller agreed with the threat that growing cyberattacks pose on the United States as well as globally, but disagreed with Biden’s method of responding to them.

2. Ministers have tightened up the law to raise standards for Covid tests sold privately in England – but have exempted Chinese-made tests which have cost the taxpayer billions, HuffPost UK can reveal. But many in the UK bio industry question why ministers are exempting the Chinese-made devices from the same high standards.

3. China’s most indebted property developer Evergrande Group has agreed to sell stakes in its internet unit HengTen Networks Group Ltd worth a total of HK$3.25 billion, an exchange filing showed on Aug 1.

4. UCAS Chief Executive Clare Marchant spoke during Higher Education seminar that students will face unprecedented competition to get a place at university over the next four years as a surge in applicants from China will drive a 40 per cent rise in demand.

5. A preponderance of evidence proves the virus that caused the CCP-virus pandemic leaked from a CCP’s research facility, said a report by Representative Mike McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on Aug 2, a conclusion that U.S. intelligence agencies have not reached.

6. President Joe Biden might want to reset with China, but the communist regime “is in no mood to talk,” according to Far East foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang on Aug 1.

7. The UK government in a new document published July 31 warned that a new strain of CCP-virus could mutate and kill one in three people.

8. The International Olympic Committee on July 27 said it had to “remain neutral” on global political issues in response to a request from the U.S. Congressional commission that asked it to postpone and relocate the 2022 Beijing Winter Games if China does not end its human rights abuses against Muslim Uyghurs in its Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

9. China and its regional governments have created funds to help state-owned companies guard against defaults, readying 210 billion yuan ($32.5 billion) to alleviate financing constraints about state-owned enterprises.

II. World News

1. The U.S. military is making some big training moves in Guam and Australia to practice deploying sizeable forces quickly and retain mobility in the event of conflict with China. The biennial Exercise Talisman Sabre, running until mid-August in Australia and that nation’s largest exercise with the U.S. Pacific Air Forces is deploying an unprecedented number of advanced F-22 Raptor fighters to Guam and Tinian island from the Hawaii Air National Guard and a unit in Alaska—about 25 total—along with 10 F-15E Strike Eagles for exercise Pacific Iron 2021.

2. Using artificial intelligence for rapid data collection and integration of shrunk the commander’s decision cycle from days to minutes in some instances in a recent information experiment by U.S. Northern Command, the head of NORTHCOM said July 28.

3. Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, sought protection from Japanese police at Haneda airport late on Aug 1, who being taken to the airport against her wishes by her team following her complaints about national coaching staff at the Olympic Games.

4. The United Kingdom joined Israel on Aug 1 in alleging Iran carried out a fatal drone strike on an oil tanker off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, putting further pressure on Tehran as it denied being involved in the assault.

5. Sky News Australia said on Aug 1 it has been temporarily suspended by the video-sharing site YouTube following the platform’s review of content for compliance with its COVID-19 policies.

6. An infrastructure package, crafted by a group of Senate Democrats and Republicans, would allow federal bureaucrats to bypass “Buy American” requirements for projects funded by the legislation.

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