8/2/21 Japan Galaxy News: Tokyo Has Topped 3,000 Confirmed Cases For Five Consecutive Days; Japan Criticizes Online Abuse Aimed At Home Olympians From Abroad

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1.Osaka Prefectural Governor Calls for Largest Ever Fight Against Infection

Japan Sports reported on August 1 that Osaka Prefectural Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura called for utmost vigilance and thorough response to the CCP virus, which is rapidly increasing in the number of infections. He said, “In a week, the Olympics will be over, and the media will be in full CCP-virus-mode. However, the biggest crisis is happening now. So don’t waste the next week because the next two weeks will determine the future.” He concluded by expressing his concern for the Olympics, saying, “I will support the athletes,” but added, “Just make sure that precautions are taken to prevent infection.” In Osaka Prefecture, 890 new people were infected in a single day, the fourth day in a row that the number of infections exceeded 800 in a single day.

2.Tokyo Has More than 3,000 Confirmed Cases for the Fifth Consecutive Day

According to NHK, on Aug 1st, 3,058 people in Tokyo have been confirmed to have contracted the CCP virus, the first Sunday that more than 3,000 people have been infected. The number of people seriously ill as of the first day has doubled to more than 100 in the past month since February this year. A Tokyo metropolitan government official said, “Although many elderly people have been vaccinated, the infection is spreading rapidly, leading to an increase in the number of seriously ill patients, mainly middle-aged and elderly.” He was interested in starting to put pressure on the healthcare system.” With an average of 3,105 infections in the past seven days, 213.6 percent of the previous week’s total, the rapid spread of the disease is unprecedented.

3.Japan Offers Mongolia $8 Million in Aid Over CCP Virus

Kyodo News reported on August 1 that Japan had signed an agreement with Mongolia to extend 883 million yen ($8 million) in grant aid to help the country fight the CCP virus pandemic. Under the agreement, the Japan International Cooperation Agency will provide Mongolia with cold chain equipment such as refrigerated vaccine transport vehicles as promptly as possible, according to the government-backed body. In a meeting with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in Tokyo, Mongolian Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene expressed his appreciation for Japan’s assistance over the pandemic, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said. JICA has recently signed similar agreements with Mozambique and Palestine, worth 430 million yen and 897 million yen, respectively.

4.Japan Tobacco Prices to Rising 30-40 Yen from October

Japan Tobacco (JT) has decided to raise the price of its major brands of cigarettes by 30 to 40 yen per pack to match the increase in cigarette tax in October this year, NHK reported on July 30. According to the announcement, JT applied to the Ministry of Finance on July 30 to raise 173 brands of cigarettes, including cigarettes and cigars, from October this year to match the increase in cigarette taxes. If the application is approved, JT plans to raise prices from October 1 and plans to apply for price increases for some heated cigarette brands.

5.CCP Virus Closes down a Century-Old Ramen Restaurant

Nankinken Food Company was established in 1914, according to a July 31 report by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. The company is engaged in the production and sale of Chinese noodles and the sale of food products such as vegetables, meat, and condiments, the sale of kitchen equipment such as frying pans and skewers, and the business of the “Sapporo” franchise headquarters. The company has about 2,000 customers, including Chinese restaurants and ramen stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama, and recorded sales of 1.248 billion yen in FY02/10, thanks to its unique noodle-making technology developed over more than 100 years, including more than 300 different types of Chinese noodles. However, a series of store closures and bankruptcies led to three consecutive years of declining sales and three consecutive years of losses, culminating in bankruptcy. More than 90% of the company’s customers were privately owned ramen shops and Chinese restaurants.

6.Japan condemns Foreign Online Abuse Against Its Olympians

The Japanese Olympic delegation expressed delight in winning a record 17 gold medals halfway through the Tokyo Games on Sunday when it also criticized online abuse aimed at home Olympians from abroad, Kyodo News reported Aug. 1. Japan won its first Olympic gold medal in table tennis, Jun Mizutani and Misaki Ito won mixed doubles and won men’s team heavy fencing in fencing. In addition, Daiki Hashimoto won his first men’s gymnastics individual all-around title, the third in a row for Japan. Meanwhile, Hashimoto, Mizutani, and men’s surfing silver medalist Kana Igarashi all took to social media to reveal that they had been the subject of online abuse after winning their medals. The head of the delegation, Lie Fukui, condemned the behavior as “an insult to the athletes’ years of effort” and “simply intolerable. He said, “We are monitoring them (accounts) and keeping records.” And the Japan Olympic Committee’s senior executive committee said the heinous case would likely be referred to the police.

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