[1st. Ep] Vaccine Economy with Blood——(SinoVac)The Truth Behind the Vaccine Economy

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to New Zealand Finance G-Club. In the first episode, we want to share with you the truth behind the vaccine economy.We know that the campaign to take down the CCP has entered a new stage and the CCP is planning to set off a new wave of pandemic in the western countries which will certainly boost the demands of vaccine by various governments. From the disinformation propaganda regarding vaccine, we can see that among the craze the CCP threw the world into, many people chose to bow to money and give up their conscience and morals.

Why have only the New Federal State of China and the Whistle-blower Movement been spreading the truth? The intelligence revealed by Mr. Miles Guo and numberless fellow fighters at the risk of their lives shows the world that it is the CCP which created the coronavirus and released it to destroy the world economy and to defeat and wreck the US. Finally, the CCP tried to use vaccine to fulfil its ambition of dominating the world and establishing a new world order. Vaccine is no long a weapon for the human beings to fight the pandemic; neither is it a symbol of hope for extension of human lives. Instead, today in the pandemic of the CCP virus, vaccines have become parasites in the human bodies and killers that may once again take away health and wealth from the mankind. Vaccine has become the synonym of disaster.

Now let’s review the warnings that Mr. Guo has given the US and the West in the past year and the videos that warn people against the vaccines.

Part 1: Truth about the CCP Virus and the Vaccines

Why do all the mainstream media choose to remain silent?

Why does no one tell us that hydroxychloroquine can prevent and treat the CCP virus?

Why do they just push us to take the vaccines?

What on earth is the stratagem behind these? In this episode, we will unmask the truth behind the vaccine economy for you.

On May 25 this year, an article entitled “Vaccine Leader Rakes in RMB 10 Billion in the First Quarter? Bombshell News Dropped by A 10 Billion Market Cap Stock Drives Up Vaccine Stocks at Opening” published on 21jingji.com drew our attention.

By digging into the background of this company, we found that its substantial profit growth stemmed from a vaccine manufacturing enterprise – Sinovac Life Sciences (Manufacturer of CoronaVac vaccine known to all). By going through the relations between Sinovac Life Sciences and the mysterious shareholders behind it, we found that the kleptocrats’ families and the big shots in the world swamp have been pushing ahead with their monstrous scheme to steal state wealth and deceive and harm the entire mankind by manipulating people into taking vaccines. Through our in-depth interpretation and revelations in this program, we hope to present a clear picture of the truth behind the CCP virus and the vaccines to the world.

Part 2: How Big Are the Interests Involved in the Vaccine Economy?

We hope all the people understand that behind all the economic miracles in Communist China, there are many underhanded deals and much strife between the kleptocrats’ families for interests. The CCP has never served the people but rather enslaved the people. We see that because of the CCP virus, the enterprises which have enjoyed the fastest growth and largest profits in the past year are vaccine manufacturers.  As we can tell from this report, the first-quarter financial report 2021 of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited (01177.HK) shows that the company brought in a revenue of around RMB 7.243 billion in the first quarter, a 16.4% growth over the same period last year; the profit attributable to owners of the parent was around RMB 1.914 billion, a 118.5% growth over the same period last year. This has been the best quarterly performance since its initial public offering.

According to its financial report, its share of profits and losses of associates and a joint venture amounted to RMB 1.476 billion, compared with RMB 2.493 million in the same period last year. Why is the earning of this year 590 times higher than that of last year? We found that in December 2020, Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited invested USD 515 million in Sinovac Life Sciences, for 15.03% of its shares. According to the pharmaceutical team of Guotai Junan Securities led by Ding Dan, the net profit from each dose of Sinovac/CoronaVac vaccine is estimated at around RMB 50.

Sinovac Life Sciences is estimated to have earned a net profit of RMB 10 billion in the first quarter of 2021. You know, it reported an annual revenue of RMB 1.431 billion and a profit of RMB 984 million in 2020, which means its net profit in the first quarter of this year is ten times its annual net profit of last year. Only this investment in Sinovac Life Sciences (through a Hong Kong-based subsidiary Talent Forward Limited) has brought a net profit of RMB 1.5 billion to Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited. Then what is the business of Sinovac Life Sciences? Sinovac Life Sciences is the manufacturer of the famous Sinovac/CoronaVac vaccine.

Why can the vaccine business make such a huge profit? Sinovac Life Sciences earned RMB 10 billion in 3 months. How did they achieve it? Let’s look at the price of vaccine and how forcefully the government has been promoting vaccines and you will have an idea.

This was the video clip that CEO of SinoVac Weidong Yi advertised their vaccine product on CCTV. According to the interview at News 1+1 program in CCTV-13, he claimed that after the first two shots of the CoroaVac, the third shot would increase the antibody level for 10 times. However he said it is still under researching when the right time for the third shot is.

Let’s assume that every person would get 4 shots, and 1 shot makes 50 RMB of net profit. This would let everyone contribute 200 RMB to the kleptocratic families behind SinoVac. Not only the people in Communist China are forced to get shots, but also all governments of the west are luring their people for the vaccine. If we count 1 billion people around the world get 4 shots each, this would bring 1 billion * 4 * 50 equals 200 billion RMB net profit for SinoVac, which is an astonishing fortune. This is why every government of the world has so great passion persuading you to get vaccine.

SinoVac is just a classic example. It’s just one among those vaccine companies. So how large is the vaccine industry? According to the WTO statistic, from end of 2020 to May 2021 nearly 10 types of covid vaccine came to the market in half the year one by one in an emergency. As of May 7th 2021, there were 97 covid vaccine projects in phrase of clinical trial around the world, 18 of them were in Phrase III. From the 2021 Q1st financial statement of Pfizer in May 4th, as of May 3rd the Pfizer and BioTech offered 430 million doses of vaccine to 91 countries and covid vaccine has made a profit of 3.46 billion dollars. As all government are favor of the covid vaccine, Pfizer raised its selling goal from 15 billion dollars to 26 billion and will offer 1.6 billion doses of vaccine in the year. It seems that with the vaccine development reached the second half, year 2021 will be the harvest season of vaccine industry. The vaccine economy now is the new economy growth point for every country, and there’re 183 new covid vaccine on the way. Vaccine economy now really is just beginning!

Now let’s see the global sales figures of the main vaccine in the 1st quarter:

From the diagram we can see that although the Pfizer vaccine sales were the most, but it was developed by Pfizer and Germany biotech company BioNTech together with sales of 3.46 billion dollars.

But the SinoVac’s vaccine sale reached 200 million doses for 3.07 billion dollars all by itself. This can definitely show SinoVac is the real power in the vaccine area. And this is why CCP has been using every effort to push the vaccine economy. They use CCP virus to create chaos around the world, and then suck people’s blood with vaccine economy. Now many within China still can’t figure it out how the government can suck our blood when they provide the vaccine for free.

We should understand that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. All governments on the plant don’t product any coin or fortune. Government income source is mainly the tax, and tax comes from its people. If you get the vaccine for free (We should notice that the vaccine company wouldn’t donate the vaccine for free.), then the fee shall be paid from fiscal levy to the vaccine company. And here we shall emphasize that the fee for the free vaccine comes not only from the fiscal levy but also the medical insurance fund. In the following video we can see what the CCP officer says to understand why.

You see, so where on earth did the money go? Well, the real bosses behind the vaccine companies are the ultimate beneficiaries. And who are these guys are? Where did the money go? Next part we will analysis the complex ownership structure behind SinoVac to show how CCP utilize vaccine economy to realize their kleptocratic purpose.

Part3: Which of the thieves of state and their international co-conspirators are involved? And how do they use vaccines to steal wealth?

Let’s look into the shareholding structure of Sinovac Life Sciences Co., Ltd. before May 22, 2020

Through the shareholding relationship of Sinovac Life Sciences before May 22, 2020, we found that Sinovac Life Sciences is controlled by Sinovac Biotech (Hong Kong) Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Sinovac Biotech Ltd (SVA:NASDAQ). We found that Sinovac Biotech Ltd is a NASDAQ-listed company in the U.S. and its registered office is in Antigua and Barbuda. Before May 22nd, there were five shareholders behind Sinovac Biotech Ltd: Weidong Yin, SAIF Partners IV, Prime Success, L.P., 1Globe Capital LLC, and Vivo Capital. Pay attention to the English names and Chinese names of these companies. They are the ultimate beneficiaries of Sinovac.

shareholding structure of Sinovac Life Sciences after May 22, 2020

According to a report on zhitongcaijing.com on May 22, 2020, Sinovac Life Sciences was increased capital by two companies. Advantech Capital and Vivo Capital have invested totally $15 million in Sinovac Life Sciences. The fund was used to develop the inactivated vaccine CoronaVac. Each of them provided $7.5 million in the form of convertible bonds, with the option to convert bonds into loans or 7.5% shares of Sinovac Life Sciences.

Advantech Capital was founded in Hong Kong in January 2016 by Jianming Yu. It’s a private equity fund focused on the China market. Yu is also the co-founder and managing partner of New Horizon Capital. Who is New Horizon Capital? Wikipedia shows that Wen Yunsong is the founding partner of New Horizon Capital. He is the son of former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

Vivo Capital, founded in 1996 in Palo Alto, California, is a high quality company dedicated to investing and establishing life sciences and medical health in China and the United States. It has approximately $2.2 billion in assets under management, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. From the information by the company’s website and Miles Kwok Vivo Capital is a platform for linking the funds of powerful people in China and the United States, with the aim of “blue, gold and yellow” western political and business circles. The $7.5 million capital investment has an option to be converted to loans. From the chart we know that Vivo Capital was already a shareholder of Sinovac Biotech Ltd. But this time it directly invested in Sinovac Life Sciences, which means there are huge benefits.

We can find out the real background of this company through the resume of Shan Fu, the managing partner of Vivo Capital, and Huajie Li, the managing director.

Prior to joining Vivo Capital in 2013, Mr. Fu was a Global Partner and Chief Representative of BlackStone in China, and has worked at the Department of Foreign Investment and Utilization of the Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Trade Commission of the State Council, the Economic and Trade Office of the State Council and the Production Office of the State Council. Fu Shan is also a member of the Board of Directors of Kexing Holdings.

Huajie Li joined Vivo Capital in 2015 as Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for China. This person also served as an executive director at BlackStone, responsible for project development and execution in China. At this point in the program, I believe the old follow fighter of the whistleblower movement should understand who has a good relationship between BlackStone and Zhongnan pit old mongrel, right? If you really do not understand, you can look back at Mr. Miles Guo’s video in 2017.

Let’s briefly introduce the other members of the Vivo Capital team:

The first one: Dr. Mahendra Shah, Senior Research Fellow. He joined Vivo as a Venture Partner in March 2010. And from 2005 to 2009, Dr. Shah was the Founder, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Nextwave Pharmaceuticals. A pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing paediatric drugs, which was acquired by Pfizer Inc. in 2012 for a total of $700 million.

The second one: Gaurav Agarwal, M.D., Managing Director. Has cross-sector investment experience in private and public biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The third one: Jack Nielsen, M.S., Partner, is a member of the board of directors of several public and non-public companies. From 1990 to 2001, Mr. Nielsen held various positions at Novo Nordisk, ranging from research and development projects for the mass production of enzymes to marketing and technical services in the fabric sector.

You should understand what kind of a company Vivo Capital is, right? From the introduction of these directors, I wonder if there is any involvement of American Fauci and other WHO officials in this?

In the third chart we notice a mysterious company entering Sinovac Life Sciences. Bioalpha Investment (Hong Kong) Limited is a company just established on October 20, 2020, and has committed to contribute US$5.14 million before November 12, 2022 to account for 12.69% of the shares of Sinovac Life Sciences, which is obviously a company just established to invest in Sinovac, and the controller behind Bioalpha Investment (Hong Kong) Limited is Yin Weidong. This is interesting. Yin Weidong was the chairman and CEO of Bioalpha Holdings, why to set up a Bioalpha Investment(Hong Kong) Limited on October 20, 2020? Let’s have a brainstorm, could Bioalpha have the common background of Sinovac and CDH? What is the hidden secret behind this? It’s up to everyone’s wisdom.

In the fourth chart we see another major change in Beijing Sinovac Life Sciences information in the Administration for Industry and Commerce after December 4. These companies and individuals rushed to buy shares before the arrival of the bonus period. Among them was the Vivo Capital Ninth Fund Co., Ltd., accounting for 6.345%; Prime Success, L.P, with 6.345%; Xie Qirun, with 0.35%; HongKong Talent Forward Limited, a subsidiary of China Biopharmaceuticals controlled by Charoen Pokphand Group, with 15.03% ; And Vivo Capital Ninth Fund, Prime Success, L.P, are in the category of foreign (regional) enterprises. You should know that Sinovac’s Covid vaccine was developed by using a large amount of national resources. But Sinovac Life Sciences shared the dividends obtained from enjoying the country’s development to these overseas fund companies. Why? What?

According to the corporate credit information publicity system of the Chinese Communist Party, the Vivo Capital Ninth Fund Co., Ltd. has subscribed USD 2.57 million on December 4, 2020, accounting for 6.34%. Now we need to notice that Vivo Capital’s two debt convertible equity investments into Beijing Sinovac Biotech are totally two different financial products. Let’s don’t get confused. The financial product created in May is very alike a gift created for the core family members, but Vivo’s 9th capital fundraising is for the benefits of the extended families. Since the time for a huge bonus is coming, all the related men and their dogs are coming for a share.

Let’s look into Prime Success, L.P, which is a major shareholder of Sinovac Biotech in the American Capital Market. Now it is directly investing in Sinovac LifeSciences Co., Ltd., with a capital contribution of 2.57 million USD, which is equivalent to 6.34% shares. It is a real battle for the profits.

Lastly, we should discuss Ms Xie Qirun’s 0.35% share along with 15.03% shares owned by HongKong Talent Forward Limited. HongKong Talent Forward Limited is a subsidiary company of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited, while Ms Xie QiRun is its Chairwoman and managing director. As you can see that Ms Xie Qirui does not just own shares directly as a shareholder, but also owns shares through HongKong Talent Forward Limited – a company controlled by her and her family. Greed can never be fulfilled.

As a company registered in tax haven Cayman Islands, Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited is owned by Charoen Pokphand Group of Thailand. And its Honorable Chairman is Mr Xie ZhengMin and Ms Xie Qi-Run is his granddaughter. By now, you shall have some good understanding of the relationship spiderweb underneath the setup. Thanks to the quarterly report of Charoen Pokphand Group, or else we never know the shocking facts of Sinovac’s huge net profit in the first quarter of this year – RMB 10 billion. Since Sinovac itself hasn’t been listed on a share market, so normally its profit would be remained as unknown to the public. You have just said that Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited has spent USD0.515 billion to obtain 15.03% of Sinovac Life Sciences’ shares.

Let’s make a simple math of capital investment, so we can explain it better to the audience about how kleptocracies play the capital investment game. Sinovac Life Sciences has recently raised capital twice in a 7-months-period (May 2020 the first time, Dec 2020 the second time), but the value of its share in the 2nd round is 34.33 times of its initial value.

Here is the formula of how to calculate it:

Sino Biopharmaceutical 0.515 billion / ( Advantech Capital and Vivo Capital 7.5 million individually ) 15 million in total equivalent to 15% shares of Sinovac Life Sciences = 34.33

Let’s look at this picture. The lady in the white dress on the left side is Ms Xie QiRun. But who is this? Why she is all over the place? What is her relationship with Charoen Pokphand Group? Brothers and sisters, you can let your imagination fly wild.

Why the Sino Biopharmaceutical controlled by Charoen Pokphand Group of Thailand had rushed to invest in Sinovac Life Sciences and paid such a high share premium? This is because that Charoen Pokphand Group has received some intelligence of kleptocracies’ plan regarding vaccine economy strategy. Everything is under the plan and control of CCP including releasing virus, hoarding PPE globally and now the vaccine economy. Therefore, Charoen Pokphand Group must have a very close relationship with someone in Zhongnanai and learnt this top secret, and taken effort to take a share of the profit. Along with them, there are Vivo Capital (relating to Blackstone Capital) and Advantech Capital (closely associated with New Horizon Capital). It is worth to do more investigation into it.

What is Charoen Pokphand Group? According to our research, Charoen Pokphand Group’s CEO Mr Xie GuoMin has went to China with USD15 million capital, and received the first Sino-Foreign joint venture licenses on the market in Shenzhen , Zhuhai and Shantou in 1979 soon after the Sino-Foreign Joint Venture law as passed. This shows Xie’s good relationship with Zhongnanhai.

Through HongKong Talent Forward Limited, Sino Biopharmaceutical has already brought RMB1.5 billion return to its parent company Charoen Pokphand Group. According to the Security Times, Sinovac is massively producing 2 billion vaccine doses per year. Its business profits will be quickly achieved from the second quarter of the year with the rollout of vaccine everywhere. According to Sinovac’s published statistics, the market has already consumed 0.43 billion Sinovac vaccine doses by the end of May this year.

Let’s do the math. 0.43 billion vaccine doses at RMB 50 net profit per dose equals RMB21.5 billion net profit. Taking out of RMB10 billion of profit made in the 1st quarter, Sino Biopharmaceutical can get minimum of RMB1.725 billion dividend in the 2nd quarter of the year. Now it is the peak time of rolling out vaccine around the world, our calculation hasn’t yet included the last month of the second quarter. If we include profit made in July, the dividend made in the 2nd quarter will be at lease RMB2 billion. This means that Charoen Pokphand Group’s investment in Sinovac has been paid back in half year, and the return in the first year will be at least 100%. Therefore, the return made by Advantech Capital and Vivo Capital is 34 times of return made by Charoen Pokphand Group. The annual return is 3400%. The timing of investing has made a huge difference. But how did they know when is the good timing to invest?

The profitability of Sinovac beats all other vaccine companies including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. This is the way how kleptocracies steal money on the capital market. Now, we can understand the magic of capital game. And we can understand why Sinovac Life Sciences’ office registration has been made huge change on 4th Dec 2020. Why these companies have participated in the capital raise between Nov and 4th Dec, it is because that all the families with power who have set the vaccine economy strategy have now stepped onto the stage.

Let’s look at the last graph: the last big guy has came out on 22 Dec – CDH Investments. CDH Investments has acquired 6 million shares (8.39%) Sinovac Biotech on US capital market via its overseas subsidiary company CDH Utopia Limited.

Why use Utopia? What does Utopia stand for? You can see CCP’s arrogance through this. CCP’s taste is so low.

We have found a couple companies associating with CDH Investments via a signing page of a contract between CDH Investments and 1Globe Capital. These associated companies are CDH Utopia Limited, CDH Fund VI, CDH Control and CDH Griffin Control.

Mr Wu Shangzhi – founder and chairman

Mr Xu Shangwei, joined in 2007

Mr Jiao Shege ,also known as Jiao Zheng, managing director

Sinovac’s super complicated capital structure has showed us that all the industries with huge profits are all controlled by CCP’s senior officials in Zhongnanhai including the old committee members and the incoming committee members and those compromised International Swamp Power. Mr.Miles Kwok has unveiled Pfizer’s shareholders once.

The secrets of Sinovac have echoed Mile’s exposure. This kind of investment opportunity will never be available to ordinary people like us.

On 1 June, WHO has validated Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use and issued interim policy recommendations. At moment, there are 32 countries have approved Sinovac. Sinovac is accelerating to get the global market.

But the vaccine economy is built on the sacrifice of people’s health. It is blood money.

This is a huge evil game of CCP and International Swamp Power to pursue their personal interests and harm human race.

This is a grand murder against the whole human race.

Before the vaccine disaster happens, we have to unveil the truth to all people around the world. Please do not vaccinate! Please do not vaccinate! Please do not vaccinate!

Part 4: The darkness will eventually pass

Finally, we would like to emphasize once again that there is no free lunch in the world, and CCP has been cheating the Chinese people for 70 years with the “free” method. If the vaccines were free, Sinovac Life Sciences would not have had a net profit of $10 billion in the first quarter. As mentioned at the beginning of this show, CCP used government finance and people’s health insurance money to pay for the vaccines, and the money went to several kleptocrats’ families.

We need to know that each vaccine dose contributes 50 yuan to the profit of Sinovac’s shareholders. This also makes us understand the meaning of “demographic dividend”. This is also the reason for CCP’s recent third-child policy, the “demographic dividend” is disappearing and there are not enough chives to harvest. It’s time for our compatriots to wake up! Should such political party and government still exist?

Miles has warned the world many times that the CCP virus is a biological weapon and that the vaccine is a tool to control your freedom and for them to enrich themselves. If you say no to vaccine, CCP will release new regulations and policies to restrict your freedom and even force you to lose your job.

Through this episode, we hope that everyone with a conscience will spread the truth to everyone around you. Letting people all know that CCP created and released the virus, and then developing a strategy to guide and force people to take the vaccine is the perfect plan for CCP to use the virus and vaccine to achieve control over people and dominate the world step by step.

As at of June 20, there are more than 1 billion vaccine doses being injected in Communist China. That’s horrible. A recent news shows that Germany and France no longer endorse the CCP vaccine. But with Pfizer, Modena, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca vaccines still in the approved list, the global vaccine war has quietly begun.

The vaccine disaster is coming, and on June 20 Miles Guo once again warned the world that CCP is ready to once again release the virus to the world to destroy the Western civilized world and enslave people all over the world.

It’s time to wake up! CCP’s evil and deceit are on full display in the Sinovac vaccine case, where ignorant people are blinded by CCP. We, the New Federal State of China people, have a responsibility and mission to spread the truth. There is not much time left for all mankind!

Well, thanks again to Whistleblowers Movement and NFSC for telling us the truth about the virus and the vaccine, and to Mr. Miles, and the millions of comrades who risked their lives to persist in exposing and spreading the evil of CCP.

Whistleblowers Movement —- Only Truth Prevails!

We are proud and honoured as the New Federal State of China! We will never give up even if the darkness keeps shrouding us. As long as there is a glimmer of light we must persevere.

Go warriors, see you in the next episode.

(The view of this article only represents the NZ Finance-GClub)

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