Wuhan Lab Chief ‘Ordered Scientists Not To Talk About COVID Origins’ in Leaked Email

August 01, 2021

US State Department correspondence points to more evidence of how the Chinese Communist Party tried to control the narrative during the early days of the Covid-19  pandemic.

Emails uncovered by US Right to Know (USRTK) show that Professor Wang Yanyi, the director of WIV “strictly prohibited ” her staff from speaking publicly about “the unknown causes” of the virus in January 2020.

Wuhan lab director Professor Wang Yanyi. Credit: Wuhan institute of virology

Professor Wang specialized in research on SARS before the pandemic, and previously studied how viruses can attack the lungs and cause respiratory diseases.

She gave a rare interview last summer when US channel NBC visited WIV. “It is unfortunate that we have been targeted as a scapegoat for the origin of the virus,” she said. In another interview, she dismissed allegations as a “pure fabrication”. “In fact, like everyone else, we didn’t even know the virus existed. How could it have leaked from our lab when we never had it?” she said.

She has denied all allegations of a leak and claimed her facility is “100 per cent” safe.

Covid is believed to have originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Credit: EPA

Gary Ruskin, executive director of USRTK, told The Sun Online: “There is extensive evidence of gag orders and suppression of evidence in China regarding the origins of Covid-19.

Ruskin called for a “three-track” investigation into the origins of the pandemic. He said, “First, an international investigation within China to search for physical evidence of zoonotic and/or lab origin, hopefully with the full cooperation of the Chinese government. Second, western intelligence agencies have to put their data together to see what can be made of all of it all. Third, the US Congress should establish an independent commission to investigate.”

The revelations come amid increasing scrutiny on WIV as allegations of a lab leak are being increasingly taken seriously by governments, including the US and UK.

US President Joe Biden has ordered intelligence services to “redouble” their efforts, and British spies have said the theory is “feasible”.

Additionally, it has emerged that Dr Shi Zhengli was splicing viruses together as early as 2007 – with a paper she worked on revealing experiments combining bat-based coronaviruses with part of HIV to make them more infectious.

China meanwhile is denying everything !

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