Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on July 30th, 2021

Translated by Himalaya Los Angeles Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV & YY

Proofread by Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

1.I will have a long chat with you all on a live broadcast tomorrow. Now, I am testing how it works when live streaming on the road.

Two of our fellow fighters went to Japan to visit the Olympics, and they said that I was right about Japan. A lot of Japanese people are aware of the Whistleblower Movement and me, and they consider us heroes. These two fellow fighters asked me to emphasize again on the live broadcast that the virus has come back.

One of the fellow fighters in Nanjing is very wealthy, has good taste, and has an antique courtyard. His child studied in the US and married an American after graduation. I love a famous plate in Nanjing — the Nanjing Salted Duck. He told me that two of his neighbor’s kids, my favorite kids as well, had been infected with the CCP virus. One had passed away. I feel so sad.

When I was in Qing Feng Detention Center, my cellmate Hu Lao said to me: “Wengui, the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out. Be careful.” So, after I was released from prison, I stayed low because a wise person had coached me. Thanks to Hu Lao.

What I hate the most is when people take pictures and videos of me. Wherever I am, I am always surrounded by more females than males. Phoenix Television once had two celebrities who were very popular. They hired female bodyguards.

This fellow fighter in Nanjing, who I mentioned before, knows very well how to protect me. He has been watching my live stream for a long time. He sold out all his stocks at the end of 2017, avoiding being ripped off several times over.

2.Our fellow fighters say that in Japan, all kinds of restrictions make it difficult to travel. In Tokyo they found that nobody was watching the Olympic Games at all, and the attendance dropped by 85%.

Shinzo Abe is trying to use the Olympics to regain political power and replace Yoshihide Suga.

The Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan had three purposes:

Firstly, Japan followed the CCP’s Quantitative Easing (QE) example, which led to more currency chasing fewer goods. By hosting the Olympics, this negative impact caused by QE can be transmitted internationally to avoid a sudden economic crash.

Secondly, by slowly diluting away the deflation or inflation in the cost of production and trade, Shinzo Abe can regain political power.

Thirdly, Japan can rejoin the United Nations. Japan may militarize its Self-Defense Force and then officially deploy it to the Middle East, Africa, and the Straits of Malacca.

So, for various political, military, and economic considerations, Japan took the risk of hosting the Olympics. But the Japanese seriously underestimated the evil of the CCP. The CCP will use this opportunity to re-release the virus. The CCP will not stand by and watch Japan smoothly achieve these goals either.

When looking back in history, how many Olympic Games stay in your memory? The most impressive ones are:

  • the Hitler’s Olympics — an Olympics Games of disaster, Berlin, 1936.
  • the Beijing Olympics — an Olympic Games that your brother-7 was deeply involved in, 2008.
  • the Munich Olympics — an Olympics where hostage-taking took place, 1972.

Usually, the bad ones are more impressive because they often come at an unbeatable price. Unfortunately, it is always Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) who pay the price.

I got involved in 7 to 8 Olympic Games applications. The best period of my life was during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. From 2003 to 2006, I smashed the challenges from Liu Zhihua (a former vice-mayor of Beijing, dismissed in 2006) and some other bigwigs, and enjoyed the treatment from the Central Politburo Standing Committee level. I built the Pangu 7 Star Hotel — the only building in the shape of a dragon — in just 350 days. The biggest beneficiary of Olympic real estate is our Guo family. Now when you look at the Olympic Village again, it is deserted.

The Olympics in Korea and London were not a success. Japan makes everybody regret this time. And we once again saw the CCP’s evil in this Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, the coronavirus in Nanjing has spread. Here is the story. A flight to Russia was forced to land in Nanjing after failing to land in Shanghai. But some passengers on board caused the pandemic outbreak in Nanjing. I posted the information four days ago — a decision has been made within the CCP to lockdown Nanjing.

So, when the number of infectious people in Tokyo rose sharply, Zhao Lijian immediately declared that the US military caused the infection.

Meanwhile, “big-headed Asshole Lu De,” “Snake Demon Yan Li-Meng,” Sellin, “need-a-father Bo,” and “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG),” a bunch of scum are causing more of a mess at the same time. This is not normal. The purpose is to cover up the only voice that can tell the truth — the voice of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Make the US the scapegoat. All this is a well-organized, deliberately plotted action by the CCP.

3.A man should live with cognition. Even Hu Jintao would come home and brag to his wife. Most people like to brag at home to show they are great, glorious, and always correct. The question is, do you really have outstanding ability and judgment?

All the bad people always try to paralyze your ability to discern and lead you into the abyss. The CCP, Wall Street, and all the dictatorial governments always try to brainwash people to become soulless walking corpses who cannot discern right from wrong.

Check what Sara (VOG), “Chicken Leg Pan (Pan Linzheng),” Xiong Xianmin, and all the pieces-of-garbage said in the past. You will not find a single correct word, not a single correct utterance.

In comparison, has the Whistleblower Movement and your brother-7 ever told a single lie? Therefore, it is not difficult to determine who is right and who is wrong, as long as your brain is not “drowned in water.”

Anybody who has been watching my live streaming for years should have basic judgment and knowledge. But some people are completely brainwashed by the CCP, and some are born bitchy. There will be more lurking agents who expose their true colors in a few days. I will not mention their names for now.

Such people are born with personality disorders, mental illness, or low morality. Wherever they appear, they look like cheap bastards.

4.Anybody who wants to die should get vaccinated. Do not make any excuses for your cowardice. Brother-7 and the Whistleblower Movement will not be an excuse for anyone’s cowardice, ignorance, or selfishness.

Want to die or live? — a most fundamental question.

Yesterday my phone was jammed with messages quickly. I will not reply to anybody’s question about vaccines because it wastes too much of my time. I want to deliver all the information to everybody simultaneously rather than spending my time on any certain individual.

I was extremely busy yesterday. A fellow fighter named Camonia accidentally dropped out of the “old standing members group.” I tried to re-add her but failed at least ten times. Also, I recorded the screen to show her how I added her.

As a result, she said she was distressed and unpleased because I did not add her back to the group. Her lack of understanding for others makes me feel upset.

After being referred to a third party for help by your brother-7, another fellow fighter in Taiwan still continued sending me 40 or 50 messages. I kept replying to the fellow, and it really made my head spin.

After the dismissal of the German Himalaya Farm group, Claudia set up a general chatting group. People in the group discussed why the Rule of Law Foundation was not donating to the flood victims in Germany. I could not argue with them in the group, so I withdrew from the group. Something is really wrong with Germany.

Even though I am the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, even if we were biological brothers and sisters, you cannot consume my time in front of our fellow fighters worldwide like this. I do not belong to any one person. What I share is valuable and helpful information and intelligence for destroying the CCP.

I do not see my wife once a week, and I do not even have time to sit down and talk to her. Many fellow fighters are so selfish and do not care about others. Whether the CCP is destroyed or not, everybody should learn to respect people.

5.An American fellow fighter sent me a message saying he saw Asshole Lu De picking up his kids. Then he sent another message, saying: “sorry to bother you.” This is the American people, always think about each other, mutual respect is very important.

I like to spend time with that family in Nanjing because I feel comfortable with them. But I am strongly reluctant to go to the North-east. People always brag about themselves when they are drunk. Even if they have no serious business to handle they must get me drunk.

This family in Nanjing is concerned about me drinking too much every time. All our topics are about international affairs and economics. If the mood comes, he will recite some poems, sing some “Huangmei opera,” very elegant. Cantonese people are also very good, focusing on making soup, making money, and keeping lovers (Chinese slang “Bao’er Nai”). Although nobody talks politics, it is okay. Dealing with people from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces is very comfortable, not tiring, and not threatening.

6.Regarding investment, many fellow fighters want to buy G-Club cards and increase their investment. I replied to some messages and some not. We built the Himalaya farms to facilitate everybody’s investment. The farms are to provide services for everyone. If they do not provide services, you can complain to me. 

Recently, the Himalaya Alliance Committee (HAC) has not taken fellow fighters’ complaints seriously. When there is no way to make a complaint, facts are not revealed. Without facts being revealed, there is no truth. Without truth, there is no justice. And everyone can be a victim at this time. Global farms must love their fellow fighters. You cannot share your fellow fighters’ profits and enjoy the honor brought by them but without serving your fellow fighters. This is not good. 

The whole committee only talked about how they voted down Disgusting Asshole Lu De’s (Wang Ding Gang) videos. But there was no outcome, and no one was ashamed. They all felt that they had done a lot. If you cannot even take down Asshole Lu De’s YouTube channel, how can you take down the CCP? The Alliance Committee cannot become a bureaucratic organization. It is not about what you want the farms to do, but what you should do as a leader. This is an issue about your ability. I am very unhappy with the recent work of HAC. 

Fellow fighters who want to buy G-Club cards can buy directly as long as you have a Himalaya Dollar (HDO) account. You can wait for the HAC’s operation guidance. Anyone buying G-Club cards before September 17th must get G-TV shares. 

To newcomers who want to make small investments, if you have not donated to the Rule of Law Foundation, nor have participated in the activities of the Whistleblower Movement, then we do not need your investment. If you have donated money and have proof that you have supported Miles Guo and our movement to take down the CCP, we will consider, as much as possible, accepting your investment of more than $50,000. For those with investments less than $50,000, it is best not to try to be considered. But this needs to be determined by the farms and the HAC. They will consider activities such as volunteering for a long time, being interrogated by the CCP police due to your support of us, and having made contributions to our movement. These people can also be considered even if you want to invest a smaller amount.

7.We want to make our poor brothers rich. This is what the CCP fears most. Those who come out to attack Miles Guo are paupers. That is why the CCP can buy them off at a very low price. Our fellow fighters are very poor, but they are poor Gods. This is a completely different kind of poverty. I would rather die poor than take the CCP’s money and make dirty deals with the CCP. We must make these people rich. 

A super-wealthy family in Italy asked about investing in the G-series and said that many of your small investors are treated at the same level as us. I said to him: “do you think I need your money? You can invest in Didi.” In 2016, he was going to invest in Didi and Evergrande. I told him at the time that he would lose everything. Sure enough, he lost all the money he invested. Now he came to us again and even despised our poor brothers for being considered equal shareholders. We do not welcome such people. 

The first ones to get rich on our platform are the poor brothers and those who are irreconcilable with the CCP. It means that no organization of humankind has such investment opportunities and investment practices as ours. If you join the New Federal State of China (NFSC) for money, we will part ways sooner or later. This is no joke. 

There are too many investors from China who want to invest in G-TV and G-Club recently. Many Chinese who participate in the Olympic Games in Japan watch G-TV. G-TV data has risen sharply these days, showing that 600 million people are watching my live broadcast. It must be wrong. The CCP is messing up the numbers and making our data untrustworthy. It is too easy for the CCP to tamper with your data. 

Only truth can be eternal. Only truth can be respected. And fellow fighters must learn to respect people and avoid being big-headed.

8.Those who say that the G-TV data center is in China, in the CCP’s hand, you should have a brain. What personal information do you give to G-TV? Just a mailbox. We did not ask for your household register. Cancer-faced Ai Li is extremely abominable. 

The future new leaders of Germany have joined GETTR. GETTR embodies high-caliber, high-standard, and high-quality. The princess of Saudi Arabia said that GETTR is very neat and super awesome. She likes it very much. Government officials in several countries have obtained information about China on GETTR. And GETTR is particularly important. If you go to G-TV for the sake of visitor volume, then better do not use it. The messages from fellow fighters are real, and it is useless to look at the data.

9.A total of at least 60 people have been exposed since Disgusting Asshole Lu De left. Do you believe in brother-7, who has been broadcasting for four years, or do you believe in the 60 people who you have never met? All my past experiences have been fulfilled. I am now a God-like character in the West.  If you do not believe me and want to listen to those people, then hurry up, go listen to their nonsense. It is the eternal truth that the minority obeys the majority. 

I have experienced everything, and now I am very touched by everything about the NFSC. This is the best State. We are accomplishing a great mission on an equal footing with all mankind. You are nothing without the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement. We are achieving the greatest cause in the world, willingly and joyfully, and it feels so good.

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