[Miles Today] Summary: The CCP uses the Tokyo Olympics to Unleash the CCP Virus – July 30, 2021

By MOS Writing Group — GBW

CCP Uses Tokyo Olympics to Unleash CCP Virus.  

The CCP Unleashed the CCP Virus Again

  • The Nanjing CCP virus outbreak was a smokescreen put out by the CCP to make it look like the virus was brought in by a Russian flight.
  • The CCP spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the US military released the virus at the Wuhan military games in 2019.
  • Yan, Lude and various CCP agents bash the Whistleblowers Movement in order to cover up the truth.
  • The CCP was releasing the CCP virus everywhere before the Tokyo Olympics so that people can’t find the source. The Japanese government does not yet know that the Olympic Games is a stage for the CCP to spread the CCP virus. In the end, the CCP will blame the Olympics for the new round of outbreaks.
  • Mr. Guo warned us that the CCP would unleash the CCP virus again in between the summer and the fall.
  • Mr. Guo’s Nanjing friend’s neighbor’s two children contracted the virus and one of them died.

Men in black prevented Henan people from recording the truth.

  • Zhengzhou’s pro-CCP “little pink” used to cheer Hong Kong police killing Hong Kong people. Now retribution has come.
  • Mr. Guo’s friend, who is a policeman in Zhengzhou and less than 50 years old, worked days and nights to arrest people and died from exhaustion. His boss would give him the excellent police award and a compensation of 3000 yuan.

The Unpopular Tokyo Olympics

  • Tokyo’s strict measures to control the virus make it hard for people to go about the city. No one is watching the Olympics.
  • The purpose of the Tokyo Olympics is (1) to divert the pressure of QE to the world; (2) to slow down the impact of inflation and deflation; (3) Abe coming back as the prime minister. Mr. Guo believes that hosting the Tokyo Olympics is extremely dangerous and that Japan has underestimated the evil of the CCP.
  • People only remember the Olympics of disasters, such as Hitler’s Olympics and the Los Angeles Olympics with the hostage incident. The Olympic Village in Beijing and the Olympic real estate in Korea are deserted. People paid a price for the Olympics.
  • After Japan is militarized, it may send troops to the Middle East, Africa, and the Straits of Malacca.

The means to earn respect is to have competence, judgment, and productivity.

  • Mr. Guo witnessed Hu Jintao showing off to his family how well respected he was.
  • When one is well fed and sexually satisfied one seeks the respect of others.
  • The prerequisite for earning respect is having good judgment. Dictatorial governments use brainwashing to destroy people’s ability to think and judge.
  • The Whistleblowers Movement’s supporters must learn to respect people and make others feel at ease, comfortable, and rewarded when dealing with you.

The Himalaya Alliance should take the complaints of their comrades seriously.

  • When a country or group has no recourse to complain, there is no truth. No truth no justice. Without justice, anyone becomes a victim.
  • If we don’t have the ability to end Lude’s YouTube broadcast, how can we even take down the CCP?

The CCP is most afraid of poor supporters becoming wealthy.

  • The CCP is not afraid of rich bigwigs. Many of those who bash Guo are poor and have no backbone. The poor people who choose death over cooperation with the CCP must become rich.
  • A wealthy Italian family wanted to invest in the G series and mentioned that small investors were treated the same as big investors. Mr. Guo told him to get lost and go invest in Didi.
  • Sooner or later, the movement will part ways with those who joined the movement for money .

Gettr is well received for its high quality contents.

  • The Saudi princess says Gettr is clean and has high quality users and information.
  • Several countries get information about China through Gettr, so we must speak the truth only. With truth, you can win respect.
  • The next German leader is definitely our buddy, and the new leader has joined Gettr.

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