What’s CCP’s intrigue and trickery in Covid-19 bio-weapon

  • Author: peacelv
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

According to latest news from Japan Broadcast Association TV, until July 29th, 18:00 o’clock, the first time that Japan had more than 10 thousands Covid-19 cases in one day. And at the same time, the Japan Olympic Organization Committee announced that about 24 staff members including 3 athletes had been tested positive. Since July 1st, the staff members who were tested positive have risen to 93.

At the same time, Henan Zhengzhou is suffering from another Covid-19 attack. It reported 11 patients and 16 asymptomatic infected persons. And most of cases occurred  in  Zhenngzhou No.6 People’s Hospital. Other cities like Nanjing, Zhangjiajie, and other cities in Heilongjiang and Guangdong are also suffering another Covid-19 attack. The reported cases are rising rapidly, and according to news, the virus is highly contagious, so the situation about virus spreading is still very dangerous.

And surprisingly China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao lijian(赵立坚) when hosting in a regular press conference, when a reporter asked whether some American politicians politicized the origin of virus in order to shift the focus on China, he said the United States government should release the data of the early Covid-19 infected cases who participated in Wuhan Military Game in 2019, but said nothing about the early cases in America and bio-experiment.

As we know, the Whistleblower Movement is the first one that exposed the Covid-19 the man-made virus by CCP in the laboratory experiment. There are vast scientific evidences to improve it. But someone like Wang dinggang(Lude) and Yan limeng (闫丽梦) who have been bought out by CCP,  intended to claim the fruits about the uncovering the truth of it and recently they colluded with Lawrence Sellin , a con artist, who got kicked out of the U.S army and hid in Europe for years, to lie about the traceability. They tried to plant the blame of Covid-19 to America, and now CCP is making big publicity in media with full use of their lies and false accusation. Their true purpose is to lay foundation for the next virus-releasing in this Summer-Autumn, thus to set the America as the killer by creating mass of misinformation and disinformation.

In Jun 20th, Miles Guo once again warned the western countries to beware of another war attack from the CCP, which may possibly occur in this autumn. The Tokyo Olympic Games would be the best chance for CCP to spread virus.Let’s keep an eye and be aware of what would happen next.

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1 month ago

We need also watch out for what the CCP can do through fear of the virus – the experiences of the last year and a half suggest this is far more dangerous than the virus itself: people’s livelihoods have been ruined by lockdowns, extreme authoritarian measures are now commonplace in once free democracies, a presidential election was rigged by postal voting in a leading democracy, hundreds of millions if people are lining up to receive ‘vaccines’ that are known to be very harmful, all because they gave been scared by the virus and associated psychological terror campaigns, supported by fraudulent… Read more »