Summary of Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV sharing on July 20,2021

1.    The disaster is not natural, but man-made

Henan is the most-taxed province, also the place with the most cases of AIDS, the worst civilization and education. No doubt, people there have no humanity and civil servants are very corrupt. To get a place in the government, they do not mind losing their face, even lives. Such an ancient city has now been ruined by the CCP and become a place of evil, greed, selfishness, and malice, where wicked mind and culture grow. The worldly renowned Shaolin Temple is in fact a shelter for gamblers and drug addicts.

2.    It is a strange lot where the flooding took place.

The flooding hit like a tsunami. Henan is not a lowland but the highest terrain in Zheng Zhou; yet, waves coming in the height of several meters flushed into the government buildings, military academy, construction headquarter and military command center against Taiwan (situated 40 meters underground). This command center was a safe place for attack and defense planning, as well as a hub for underground transportation and networking. It had a 1:1 ratio terrain model inside but now has together drowned with the center’s commanders and soldiers. Most of the passengers on the metro (particularly the 5th line) died in this flooding. Actually, at the early stage of the flooding, the driver asked the passengers to hop off but got rejected for they had bought the ticket and refused to leave. It is sad to see these people die; however, it is sadder that they died out of their own ignorance.

3. Heavy casualties

At least ten thousand innocent souls have lost their lives to this flooding. Yet, however tragic it is, the CCP media has never uttered anything about it. 

4. The iniquity of the CCP

When the flooding happened, the CCP police cut off the city’s electricity and disconnected the signal, and swiftly found the families of the victims. Despite the pain of losing their loved ones, they were prohibited from disclosing anything to the public. Mr. Guo’s two cellmates lost 3 family members and 1 family member respectively, and there are over a hundred families and friends that Mr. Guo has lost contact since the disaster.

In 1991, Mr. Guo invested USD 360 million in the construction of the iconic building –  Yuda Palace Hotel, which was the very first 5-star hotel in China. 60 thousand hotel senior managers have been trained and over a hundred thousand of trainees have worked in the hotel in all these years, earning a living and feeding their families. The hotel enjoyed a stable and healthy operation for 30 years; yet, the government auctioned it for one-fourth of its original price, meaning that Mr. Guo was raided “legally”. The executer was Tian Yuxi (Xi’s childhood friend, the supervisor of the Immediate People’s Court in Beijing, but has been detained for investigation). Back then, Mr. Guo was incessantly arrested, detained, raided, abused and insulted by government officials of different levels from Henan Province and Zheng Zhou. These CCP officials and corrupt police have no faith in anything but benefits and bribery only.  

5. A master of the Book of Changes (Yi Jing) once said that once the chief of Yuda is changed, the king in China will die. It is quite certain that the flooding in Zheng Zhou is the punishment to the CCP from the heaven above, for proposing to use military force to take over Taiwan and all the humanitarian damages it has done. The commanders involved in planning to attack Taiwan were drowned to death this time.  

6. Mr. Guo’s blood and sweat at Qinggeng Detention Center, Henan

(1) The center mainly received June 4th political prisoners from Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Beijing, Anhui, who were waiting to be sentenced to death. Most of them were executed within a year.

(2) The cell condition was atrocious and prisoners were not given enough food. Many of them lived on cotton sprinkled with the seasoning of instant noodles, which they considered a luxury already. Each could only have 14 cm moving spacing in terms of the breadth of the cell.

(3) During detention, Mr. Guo met a lot of wise men, and learned a lot of good thinking and content from them. The horrible environment, too, honed Mr. Guo’s stamina to another level, cultivating his strong determination to take down the CCP.     

7. The truth of the flooding in Henan and Zheng Zhou is concealed.

Though with the population of 100 million, which is one-third of the US population, and five times the Taiwan population, no one is grasping the truth about these places even in the face of such a dire humanitarian disaster. We definitely need the help of our buddies to gather more evidence for us and spread the truth to more. This humanitarian disaster is caused by the corruption of the CCP officials, the jerry-built construction and people’s inability to identify good and evil.

8. The CCP’s “Fengqiao Experience” (To repress the people so that many problems can be eliminated at the small-town level instead of simmering and being brought to the city)

Politics over life, and political responsibility always comes first. The Beijing Government recently has allocated more manpower to small towns, signifying that the higher evil power is now managing the weak but good people. They are doing this to prepare for the possibility that people will gather and protest in near future.

9. There will be soon big problems with the economy of the US and the world. 

10. Let’s pray for the people affected by the disaster and all the 7.5 billion global citizens. Let’s pray for our buddies and their families. May our God protect us and extend His justice to us.

(Disclaimer: Opinions are my own, and this is only for the purpose of sharing. I do not assume any liability.)

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