Summary of Mr. Miles Guo’s Gettr Video sharing on July 25

1. Man-made disaster leads to massacre

Numerous villages in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Weihui, Huaxian, Daokou, Xinzheng, Kaifeng, Xingyang, and along the Yellow River have been flooded. Villagers dead or escaped, these places are now empty.

No one bothers to count and confirm the death toll and number of casualties. The tragic happened on the 5th line metro was far worse than Jingguang Road Tunnel. Too many heartbreaking truths are yet to be revealed.  

2. The Observatory that speaks truth

The CCP ordered to release floodwaters from the dam 12 hours before the rain. The Observatory, in fact, gave multiple red rainstorm warning signals five to seven days prior to that. Sadly, no one took it seriously. No one really kept an eye on the corrupt government. There was no work and class suspension, no restriction on transport and no preparation for the coming of the flooding. There was simply no public alarm.

3. Government officials indulged in wine and laughter before the disaster came

Two hours before the heavy rain, local government officials were still enjoying themselves in Songshan Hotel. They drank a lot of Maotai, took a nap and rested. The lives of the residents were as if none of their business. 

4. No rule is a rule

What we consider ridiculous is not at all in the eyes of the CCP. In their world, darkness, nonsense, no differentiation between good and evil, putting the cart before the horse are just normal. The ending of the game players is determined by the game setter; the game itself is just a process.  

5. The coming of the global financial crisis

The first warning given by Mr Guo: stock up food, decouple with the US economy, and transfer wealth

(1) There will be an acute shortage of food in China.

(2) Money cannot be withdrawn from banks.

(3) The virus will hit again. It is certain that the CCP will release the virus again. That’s why the CCP forbids the usage of HCQ and advocates vaccination in the country (the vaccines are a kind of toxins as well) .

6. Principles to survive in China

(1) stay away from big cities (first- and second-tier cities), and disaster response centers; it would be best if you could retreat to rural areas where you can live a self-sufficient life.

(2) stay away from war-risk areas

(3) refuse to be vaccinated, take HCQ with zinc or quercetin with zinc

(4) be prepared to go vegan for the coming few years

(5) stay away from political centers and densely populated regions

(6) Stock up clean water, food, medicines and fuel/ power for survival crisis

7. Mr. Guo will attend a 48-hour hearing and will have no signal, so there will not be any live broadcast and Gettr in these two days.  

(Disclaimer: Opinions are my own, and this is only for the purpose of sharing. I do not assume any liability.)

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Editing and proofreading:TS2020

English translation:Joyce

Resource sharing:TS2020

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