Seeing the evil of the CCP again from the flood in Henan

HML Vancouver Sailing Farm:  abbs

image sources:BBC

Henan province is in the middle of China, and Zhengzhou  is  Capital  of Henan. Henan of China is still being flooded. Every minute there are people losing their homes or living. CCP officials still discharge water in more than hundreds of reservoirs around Zhen Zhou.

We saw the massage come out from Henan, villagers have to guard their own reservoirs 24/7. Some of them chase CCP officials away more than three times. They always tried to come in midnight while people were sleeping. The villagers said of course they are from the government, who else has explosives prepared.

July 27 is the seventh day of Zhen Zhou flood victims passed. In Chinese tradition is deceased soul return day.   The family and friends shall come to send a good wish on that day. Many people put flowers outside the subway station. Officials put yellow barriers around the flowers and tried to stop people sending flowers. 

However, the flowers got more and more, finally at midnight a couple of young people together removed the yellow barriers. People were really angry, left many messages on social media. Some said do not stop people from mourning the dead!  Some said this so sad, so foolish! If the CCP stops flooding that day, they will not need to stop people from leaving flowers.With the information from inside the CCP, we knew CCP discharged water from reservoirs first and then big storms came causing the flood. Weather forecasts said five days straight, given the warning for the big storm.

Officials never warned the public, never stopped people go to work or school. So it is one part of nature we did, but 12 parts of men made disaster. And today and every day in the past week they are still doing it.

Discharging the water! They are genocide human people. I checked there is none outside China main stream media still talk about Hennan flood unless a week ago. That’s why Mr. Miles Guo said the only successful thing CCP did in this disaster is cover up the truth, let everyone shut up. Made all the posts and videos disappear on the internet.

But we – New Federal State of China would not let this happen, we are telling the truth every day for Henan people, for everyone inside the CCP controlled China.

The people who died in the subway could be more than 100 thousand people. CCP started pulling the subway carts out covered the windows with black clothes. They knew they were lying. They knew we knew them lying. But they are still lying, why? Because they think they can get away from it. We cannot let them get away from it. We have to hold them accountable. With more than 100 thousand people dead, their families and the deceased souls will make sure they legally charge CCP’s officials!

All the villages around Zhen Zhou are poor villages. They could or they are being wiped out by floods anytime. Officials do not care about them. There will be so many mute villages. It means their voice will never be heard or never allowed to be heard. We have many videos in from those villages posted by our brothers and sisters in China. We will also make sure you put on YouTube as well. Together we are taking down the CCP!

Editor: Jing Wen

Posted by: Shuang

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1 month ago

thank you so much. we love you and all you are doing for the people of China.