People’s Daily reporter asked “over-the-outlined” a question: A systematic trance

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  • Editor: Jenny Ball

News from Netease: At a press conference on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 (CCP Virus) epidemic in Nanjing, a reporter from the People’s Daily asked a very good question (according to the video).

People’s Daily Reporter: (I am) a reporter from the People’s Daily, I would like to ask,

Among the more than 180 cases we have received for treatment so far,

what is the percentage of cases who have completed two doses of vaccines? From  professional point of view, is there any case of breakthrough infection?

I think this is one of the biggest concerns in this wave of the epidemic. In Chengdu, for example, the first infected case was a family of 3, both parents have taken two doses of vaccine, but Nanjing has not yet reported the vaccination status of this 180+ cases.

However, it was clear that the officials in Nanjing were unprepared for this question, and after a moment of awkward silence, one official responded thus:

You are asking about the vaccine situation, right? The vaccine situation is such that… It is recently being studied, and arrangements will be made immediately and will be announced to the public through a press conference or by other means.

This answer is worth recording in textbooks.

Every single word he said is correct, but did not reveal any valuable information, nor the answer to the question. No wonder many netizens mocked that the People’s Daily reporter’s question is over-the-outline.

However, the official’s answer was extremely brilliant. “recently being studied”, “arrangements made immediately”, “will be announced to the public through a conference or by other means”, how about it? Each sentence is commonly used words and these three sentences can apply to any occasion to reflect the efforts of the relevant departments and their serious attitude, as well as set up an open image.

In this “three continuous” answers, the answerer did not reveal a trace of personal judgment, and has protected himself well from accusation. There is no difference between his answers and those of a robot.

The only thing that was a little bit subjective was the first sentence, “You’re asking about vaccine situation, right?” It was a take up and brought the conversation into another area, as if the reporter was inquiring, where to get vaccinated.

This kind of answer may be considered by many officials as a sign of wisdom. Not to answer the question in response, did not reveal any unapproved information, but  had himself well protected. But the fact that the widely spread of this video in Wechat shows that ordinary people do not see it that way.

It’s strange for the People’s Daily reporter to ask such a question because it was clear that Nanjing authority was not prepared to announce at this conference whether the cases of infected were vaccinated or not, and they were confident that the reporters attending the conference would not ask these embarrassing questions either.

On the one hand, reporters from the local media in Nanjing are absolutely disciplined and did not ask questions they should not to, and they have a good tacit agreement with the relevant departments of the government, from where they receive information and publish their newsletters accordingly. For them, the answer is already known before they ask the question, or perhaps they have to follow the answer to ask the question – this is the secret of the system operation.

On the other hand, the People’s Daily reporters are not under the management of Nanjing. The People’s Daily is of a high level field that is difficult to control by the local government, but everyone will judge based on convention that the People’s Daily reporters “should” and “are” not asking those awkward questions. This is a “fragile tacit agreement” and a delicate system that works well most of the time.

Therefore, this reporter’s “over-the-outline” is a bit hard to understand. Most likely, she ate a Nanjing civic breakfast this morning, walked into the conference like an ordinary Nanjinger, was still at trance , was not in good working status, and finally asked the question like an ordinary person?

It was truly the moment that one’s soul is out of his body. It was an accident, a mistake, but that mistake also made the whole system visible and showed everyone how the system was operating in closed environment. The question was not answered, but the answer was somehow presented.

Comment :

Maybe the author of this news considered it as a careless trance question by the reporter, but I don’t take it this way. As we all know that the People’s Daily is the Official Newspaper (or the Party Newspaper) of the Central Committee of the CCP, and it is the No. 1 newspaper in China, and is one of the three biggest propagandas organizations, along with the Xinhua News Agency and the China Central Radio and Television Corporation. All of them are the mouth and tongue of the CCP.

This situation gets worse after the famous words from Xi Jinping in 2016: Dang Mei Xing Dang (the surname of the media is the Party). Their only responsibility is to strengthen the rule of CCP and cover up the truths about everything, of course including the truth about effectiveness of vaccine. I think the reporter asked this question to deceive the Chinese people that the high level of CCP is standing on the people’s side, helping people to monitor the local government. By this cheating way the high level of CCP is able to receive the support from the people and achieve the purpose of consolidating the stability of power.

News Source: | Author: Voice of the Red Song |Time: 2021-07-30 16:23

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