How Does the Chinese Communist Party Persecute Dissidents?

–The Case of Hao Runze, a Footballer for Granada Club De Fútbol –

Author: Angela

The case of Hao Runze

Hao Runze is a twenty-four-year-old professional footballer, son of Hao Haidong, the Chinese football hero. Hao Haidong is an unfamiliar name to most Westerners unless you happen to be an international football expert.

Hao Runze followed in his father’s footsteps and became a top professional player soon to be signed to Spanish club Granada FC, a dream come true for the young Hao Runze.

During this period, Hao Runze was signed by Serbian club Radnički Niš, in summer 2019. In June 2020 Runze was suddenly released from his contract amongst media speculation that it was due to political pressure from the CCP. This was later denied by the Serbian club who claimed the contract expired on May 30th despite the young player featuring in two matches after this date.

Why would the Chinese government apply political pressure on a football club? On the fourth of June 2020, Hao Haidong, father of Runze, publicly declared the CCP to be a terrorist organization, in celebration of the founding of ‘The New Federal State of China.’

China and Serbia maintain strong diplomatic ties. It is known that China has been investing heavily in the country, including back in 1999 a 300-million bailout to prevent a financial crisis, in support of former dictator Milosevic.

What should simply be a matter of freedom of speech by a disgruntled former citizen of the country expressing his political views, soon became dark episodes of harassment and revenge as Hao Haidong’s finances were frozen both in China and in Hong Kong, all references to him and his career were subsequently banned on local social media. The football academies he had founded in China were forced into closure and his friends and acquaintances were also ‘forced’ to cut all ties with him.

But it did not end there…

On attempting to leave the country, Hao Runze was stopped at the Serbian border and questioned about his father. An attempt was made to have him taken to the Chinese embassy, a move which would have put Hao Runze in danger of being kidnapped and returned to China against his will.

Fortunately, a potential abduction was narrowly averted by the quick response of his father and a ‘family friend’ (Mr. Miles Guo) where three private jets were put on standby with contingency plans to get him out of the country, but the dangerous situation was obvious. The objective of the CCP was to avenge Hao Haidong’s attack on the Party.

Hao junior managed to return safely to Spain, but sadly the problems intensified. He was then informed by Granada FC, that ‘they no longer needed him’ and his contract abruptly terminated. Coincidentally, Granada FC was purchased by the Daixan 2009 SL, a conglomerate controlled by the Chinese investment group of the Wuhan DDMC football club management Co. The current president of the club is Rentao Yi, a businessman and a member of the CCP.

Young Hao Runze seems to have his future professional career stripped away and is hanging in the balance. Had the CCP ordered the club to have him removed and made it effective immediately? Can the CCP harness this power internationally, including his Spanish bank account being closed? Can it be proven that his contract was wrongly or unlawfully terminated?

Can it also be proven that the CCP were controlling the fate of the young footballer, meddling in the affairs of an international football club?

This has cast a dark shadow over what had been a bright future for this talented young player. Can this be resolved within a fair and just system? Will Hao Runze continue to be an attractive candidate for other football clubs or will the dark hand of the CCP influence the decision of international clubs?

Meanwhile, the story continues as Spanish lawyers are studying the case of Hao Runze’s residential status in Spain and the contractual agreement between Hao Runze and Granada FC.


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