[GT Online] Alibaba Took Over, Suning’s Head Step down

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According to Sina Finance on July 29, Suning Tesco announced that Huang Mingduan, nominated by Ali, will officially become the new chairman. This shows that Alibaba finally controlled Suning Tesco with the highest contribution ratio.

The article says that although money is no longer the main issue after Ali took over. However, being an indispensable and important role in the retail industry, Suning has played a significant historical value in the “distribution” aspect. But from a more macro perspective, the economic development of the entire CCP has reached a switching point. The entire Internet and retail industries are facing active policy blows or passive cooling of the times, and the time window is further tightening. If Suning can’t take advantage of their widely spread channel to cut into the most upstream manufacturing and most downstream brands of the supply chain as soon as possible, its future path will become narrower and narrower.

As the CCP virus rampant in the world, the CCP will return to a planned economy and use the party to manage everything to control all private enterprises. As we already know that Alibaba has already blasted Jack Ma and taken over by the CCP. Suning Tesco’s takeover by Alibaba also means the fate of being completely controlled by the CCP. When the pressure of financial and political crises within the CCP increases, any private company with huge assets and influence will face the fate of being eroded by the CCP.

Source 阿里接手“鸡肋”苏宁_创事记_新浪科技_新浪网 (sina.com.cn)

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