[GT Online] Vaccine Effectiveness Questioned by Public as Nanjing Outbreak Continues to Spread

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According to the latest reports, the officially announced outbreak of the Delta variant CCP virus at Nanjing Lukou Airport has caused more than 200 infections so far, including 184 cases of local infections in Nanjing and 8 cases of infections with serious symptoms. The outbreak in Nanjing has extended into Zhangjiajie, a city in Hunan Province, and triggered a new chain of transmission.  It is reported that this outbreak has spread to 26 cities in 15 provinces. On July 29, there was one new local case confirmed in Zhangjiajie, and two cases in Beijing that are related to the Zhangjiajie cases.

Currently, Zhangjiajie has announced that starting from July 30th all scenic spots will be closed. As a result, 754 tour groups with a total of 11,900 people were asked to head back by the Zhangjiajie officials. Meanwhile, according to the reports, Beijing has also strengthened the management of travel in and out of the capital, with parks and scenic spots being required to strictly limit the number of visitors. However, on July 29, Nanjing Traffic Radio announced on its WeChat public account that with typhoon “fireworks” left Nanjing and the weather condition gradually improving, the Nanjing municipal government decided to resume opening scenic spots to the public from now on.

The Nanjing Municipal Government had also notified that all indoor areas continue to be suspended from opening to the public or tourists, but its policy that scenic spots will resume opening one after another has caused anger among many netizens. The netizens slammed the Nanjing government for failing to contain the virus. They also criticized that with the outbreak continues to spread, the Nanjing Municipal Government still only cares about making money and does not restrict the flow of people in and out of Nanjing, because they apparently do not care about the health and safety of the people.

On the other hand, according to the official website of the CCP Health and Family Planning Committee on July 29, as of July 28, more than 1.6 billion doses of CCP virus vaccines have been injected all over the country. The vast majority of people over the age of 18 have been vaccinated. It is reported that many local governments will begin to mandate vaccination among teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 as well starting in July.

The voice of questioning the effectiveness of CCP virus vaccine has become louder and louder as the outbreak in Nanjing spreads rapidly. Many people asked on Weibo: “Why did I still contract the CCP virus after getting vaccinated?” Other netizens pointed out that the rapid spread of the epidemic was partly due to the excessive official propaganda that makes people fall into the illusion that getting the CCP vaccine can fully protect them from the CCP virus, thus resulted in the public being lax on epidemic prevention.

In response, Chinese epidemiologist Zhang Wenhong posted on July 29 and said that the CCP vaccine made in Communist China can offer “some protection for reducing transmission and lowering death rates, but currently it is almost impossible for this vaccine to completely eradicating the pandemic.”

The CCP has reportedly initiated clinical trials for a third dose of vaccination and is developing a second-generation vaccine to deal with the Delta variant. We’ll wait and see if or when Zhang Wenhong will give the same explanations for the so-called “second-generation vaccine”.


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