[Headline News] CCP: It’s Insane for the US Deputy Secretary of State to Visit China to Teach China a Lesson

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The CCP’s Westland News published an article on July 23rd entitled, “U.S. Deputy Secretary of State’s Visit to China to Teach Us a Lesson.” This is completely insane.

The article quoted U.S. State Department Spokesman Price at a regular press conference saying that Deputy Secretary of State Sherman will meet with China based on a position of strength and demonstrate to China what responsible and healthy competition looks like, while promoting American values.

The author of the article continues in the CCP’s usual brutal attitude of confounding the right and wrong, arguing that the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State’s visit to China was a balance for Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi’s meeting with Blinken in Alaska earlier this year.

The article starts with the Boxer Protocol one hundred and twenty years ago and counts the history of the Qing Dynasty and the Kuomintang period of weakness and poverty, but does not talk about the causes and consequences, trying to incite nationalist sentiment. Subsequently, bringing up the topic one hundred and twenty years later, infers that the United States is no longer qualified to condescend. The reasons being: 

1. Several East Wind missiles can make hundreds of U.S. Navy aircrafts escape quickly.

2. The U.S. military’s gantry cranes, repair docks, and drones are all made in China. 

3. The U.S. economy showing the stock market dissolution, inflation, and begging China to buy U.S. Treasuries, etc. shows that the U.S. economy is no longer viable.

Next, when it comes to American values, he considers them to be “foul-smelling, pus-filled,”hegemonic values, and the way to deal with American values is to use “a community with a shared future for mankind,” to combat them. In short, the author, on behalf of the Chinese Communist government, makes it clear that the CCP does not accept American values. The article ends with a consistent tone that tells the Chinese, ”Carrying not only the Chinese nation’s wish for a century of rejuvenation, but also the sacred historical mission of leading the world out of darkness and saving the future destiny of mankind.”

photo from bbc.com

It is really dumbfounding that the existence of the Chinese Communist Party is the center of the world’s darkness, and they say unashamedly, that they want to lead the world out of the darkness; this will be true the day pigs fly. The Chinese Communist Party is the greatest enemy of the Chinese nation and the global enemy. The Chinese Communist Party has destroyed Chinese culture through various means, such as the Anti-Rightist Cultural Revolution, smashing, burning, and criticizing Confucius, etc. How can we rely on the Chinese Communist Party to revive Chinese culture? The only way to save the future fate of mankind is to eliminate the Communist Party, which is the sacred mission of the Chinese people.

Reference link: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1424341/

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