[GT Online] CCP Claims to Support Taliban on Peace but Calls for Chinese in Afghanistan to Evacuate

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On Wednesday (July 27), CCP foreign Minister Wang Yi provided a high-profile public stage for the Taliban, declaring that Taliban Group would play “an important role in the process of peaceful reconciliation and reconstruction” in Afghanistan.

However, on July 29, the Consular Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again issued an article reminding Chinese citizens in Afghanistan to evacuate as soon as possible.

It is reported that the current security situation in Afghanistan has further deteriorated. Chinese citizens who insist on staying in Afghanistan will face extremely high security risks, and all consequences arising from this will be borne by the individual.

Over the past few months, the increasingly violent conflict between Afghan government forces and Taliban forces and the deteriorating security situation have led to the displacement of large numbers of Afghans as refugees.

The UN Refugee Agency says insecurity and violence have led to the internal displacement of some 270,000 Afghans since January this year, and the total number of Afghan refugees has exceeded 3.5 million. The Afghan government and the Taliban launched peace talks in Qatar in September 2020, which have progressed slowly due to deep differences between the two sides.

CCP always not allow other countries to interfere its internal affairs but now it publicly supports the Taliban, which has been considered as the terrorism group by the rest of the civilized world, saying the Taliban can bring the peace to the country, is it a joke? Or it just implied that the CCP is same as the Taliban, a terrorism organization indeed.

Source: https://news.sina.cn/2021-07-30/detail-ikqcfnca9830073.d.html?from=wap

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