【G Times】 A controlled economy dressed up as market-based

Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: XiaoYu

1. In this Tokyo Olympics, the CCP is suspected of sending men to participate in women’s events in athletics, weightlifting, basketball and other competitions. What do you think?

——Allowing men to participate in women’s competitions is such a crooked way that only the CCP would conceive, and only the CCP dare put into action.

Is there no fear of being exposed?

Who will check? How to check?

The relationship between the International Olympic Committee and the CCP is that blood is thicker than water:

If you ask the athlete to strip for verification, it will be deemed a violation to modesty and privacy.

You can request a test for male hormones, but there will be samples prepared in advance.

This is how the scam is played out openly, similar to armed fishing boats in the South China Sea…

2. Chinese female badminton player Chen Qingchen, 24 years old, who shouted “Fxxk, fxxk, fxxk” at the Olympic Games, publicly declared herself “a beast”! Burst out in expletives on live Olympics broadcast. Spectators were stunned and speechless….

——Probably too much doping, a state of extreme excitement. Totally unaware of being on world-wide live broadcast…

However, this specimen truly and vividly represents the image of the CCP, and she is simply the perfect spokesperson for the CCP’s image!

3. The Global Times once published an article saying: The media should be the “watchdog” of national interests.

——Hu Diaopan’s nickname, came about this way.

A poem:

Hu is a dog of the party-state,

Squatting daily at the country’s gate;

He bites whoever he’s told to bite,

And chews off as much as he’s ordered.

4. The BBC reported that: the global economy may develop into a dual-track operation, in which advanced  economies create a large economic bubble supported by high vaccination rates and proper controls. And poorer countries will continue to struggle in the epidemic, floating outside the bubble.

——You overanalyze!

High vaccination rate = re-infection rate + high mortality rate;

Huge economic bubble = huge dictatorship based on vaccine passports;

The global economy may operate in two tracks = I’m sorry, the possibility of derailment and turning turtle is relatively high.

5. The BBC reported that under the siege of floods, the wide roads of Weihui, a small city in Henan near the Taihang Mountains, have become waterways, and more than 100,000 residents have evacuated the urban area through various means such as rubber boats and forklifts. Patrol boats shuttled between the inundated buildings, searching for people who had not yet evacuated.

——BBC is too unprofessional!

The water in the picture is just knee-high, and a bunch of staff in life jackets are crowding around a small boat!

You are not shooting the scene of the disaster, you are just capturing the scene of some  amusing event: children are just taking a fun ride on a boat!

Everyone who does news knows: The worst news is the best news (putting it crudely), but you are in the disaster area anyway! It’s a disaster area where too many people have died!

6. The epidemic has not been completely controlled, and the British government still decided to lift various bans as scheduled. BBC reporters interviewed experts to analyze the possibility of the virus’s continuous spread and mutation.

——The British government lifted the ban, this is the right posture!

Blockade is a trap! Not only will it fail to prevent the epidemic, it will result in large numbers of individuals and companies going bankrupt, economic depression, and social turmoil. When the military and police take the opportunity to maintain stability, the socialist iron fist will soon hit the British people!

Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate and Ivermectin are the antidote!

Wake up!

7. July 27 was the Seventh-Day-After for victims of the Zhengzhou subway. Citizens went to the subway to lay flowers and mourn.

——Next year today, how many will remember this catastrophe?

It is recommended that all family members of the victims organize and publish information such as the name, gender, age, and location of the accident.

The lives of Hernan people are precious too.

People like Hua Chunying who can’t seem to breathe through the pain of their black hearts,

Are you still alive?

8. The Sino-US Tianjin talks are over. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that China has proposed “four stops” to the United States, which are “immediately stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, stop harming China’s interests, stop stepping on red lines and playing with fire, and stop engaging in group confrontation under the guise of values.” 

——Zhao Lijian’s “Four Stops”:

Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, but the CCP can interfere in the internal affairs of the United States, France, Canada, Germany… and even subvert the US regime;

Stop damaging China’s interests, but the CCP can poison, kill, set fires, hack, and start unrestricted wars around the world, destroying your politics, economy, and society;

Stop stepping on the red line and playing with fire to provoke, but the CCP can fund Hei Minggui, Baizuo, and Hamas, smashing, looting, creating shootings and launching wars everywhere.

Stop engaging in group confrontation under the guise of values: the democratic system is not working anymore, let’s all engage in dictatorship!

9. Foreign media have reported that the People’s Liberation Army rescued a pig from the flood…

Image source: ZEROHEDGE

——Such devastating floods, yet the CCP army and police put up a show on the rescue of cats, dogs, and pigs.

Just forget about saving the people!

Rescuing small animals can quickly capture the hearts of Western people, which misleads people into believing that the CCP army is caring.

The people who are struggling and calling for help in the floods will inevitably highlight the tragedy of CCP’s corpses all over the country, so they will not give the dead victims any screen exposure  in their propaganda.

The truth can only be mighty when it is spread!

The truth, if not spread, might as well be “non-existent”!

10. On July 28, the Wuhan Municipal Housing Management Bureau issued an announcement to solicit opinions on tightening of purchasing rules and criteria for housing applications. The era of “housing coupons required for house-purchases” is approaching. Is this going to turn a market economy to a controlled economy?

——Housing coupons, food, clothes and meat coupons are coming soon. Won’t be too far off?

In other words, the CCP’s “reforming and opening up” for decades…is it a market economy or a controlled economy dressed as market-based?

If it is truly a market economy, why then, has it never held the general characteristics of equality, competition, rule of law, and openness?

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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