Canadian Political Life Issue No.23 2021-07-26

Highlights of the content of the live broadcast of the Mont Royal Montreal Group, 2021.07.26

The Mount Royal Montreal Group 平民正道

Opening remarks of Madam YISHAN

The time has come at the end of July again. This year’s July, is that thrilling, from time to time to a roller coaster of acceleration. The good thing is that we have developed a strong heart in these years. I believe that many friends in front of the screen have the same feelings as me. After these years of immersion, can be more able to withstand things. You can also think about more questions, but also to go through more historical information to restore the truth of history. Not all media will tell you the truth. But for their own partisan interests, they do not hesitate to fool the people and carry the wind, causing a lot of seemingly all logical, or seemingly in line with the rubric of truth. Let people drift away with the wind.

It’s been a week since this flood in Zhengzhou. It is in Henan, the Central Plains, which has suffered several times. Can we still remember the 1975 Henan Banqiao flood dam break? August 8 of that year is almost on the verge of being forgotten, leaving essentially no record of it. But it was shown on Discovery in 2005 in the United States. In that program, the Banqiao flooding was ranked number one in the top ten disasters in the world caused by technical errors. The familiar Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in the former Soviet Union was among the top ten disasters. There was also the chemical plant in India that released poison. What I can’t imagine is that the first one is the dam collapse of Banqiao Reservoir in Henan Province due to heavy rainfall. It led to a town in nine counties, 150 kilometers from east to west and 75 kilometers from north to south, turning into a sea of water. More than 100,000 bodies were recovered from the site alone. Secondary disasters caused by food shortages, infections, and plagues killed nearly 140,000 people. The number of people who died from the floods was close to that of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. How many people survived the floods, and how many people will remember this moment? All the beautiful autumn landscape was crushed by this meat grinder as the flood rolled away. After the flood, all you can see is a tragic scene of bodies strewn about.

Can we still remember the 1960 famine also in Henan? In that man-made natural disaster, more than a million people died in Xinyang alone. More than 50,000 families died and more than 10,000 villages were destroyed. More than 210,000 heads of livestock died. A large number of fields were desolate, houses collapsed, a desolate scene. In order to prevent farmers from fleeing, the local government ordered to set up roadblocks, detain and search the people. From October 1959 to May 1960, more than 460,000 people were detained in total. During the period of detention, more than 10,000 people froze to death and starved to death. At that time, the people had no food rations, no vegetables, no way to escape from the famine, and no way to kill cattles to feed their hunger. How many such tragic images remain in our memory?

In 1942, a terrible famine also broke out in Henan Province. Thirty million people were affected and three million died of hunger. This was reported to the world by a reporter for Time magazine in China, who was only 24 years old at the time. Thirty million people were displaced by the famine, and people were dying every day. Wild dogs gnawed on the starving dead. The refugees had become numb and insane in their hunger. The government’s relief efforts were nowhere to be seen, allowing the lives of the refugees to disappear like straw.

What do we see in this flood in Henan in 2021? Do you want to be alerted from the disasters that have happened? After every flood there are rotting corpses and livestock carcasses, there will be the same plague, and there will be times when there is a shortage of medicine. Flooded roads are severely damaged, and transportation is affected. Will there be enough food, drinking water, etc.? Will there be another famine? The records we have seen this time are basically within the city of Zhengzhou. Are the surrounding villages disappearing one by one? We know that the flooding was preceded by flooding and followed by rain. Normal people would understand that rain is not going to cause the water level to rise that sharply. Nowadays, however, people like to choose to whitewash the situation. Seeing that the German journalist was going to investigate, the local people said that they could not take pictures without the government’s permission. They said that if the German journalist’s photos were uploaded they would be smearing China and Zhengzhou, and refused him an interview. I believe that many people born in the 1950s and 1960s have memories of the tragedy that took place in Henan. Even though communication facilities are so advanced now, the truth cannot be recorded. There are only songs of praise, singing and dancing, red flags flying, and a peacefulness. What did the people in the disaster area wait for? Despair and death. There are a bunch of brain-deprived originators who are making up stories to deceive and cajole the people. Many people in the country do not know what really happened in Henan. They say the rainstorm killed only about 30 people. What kind of disasters and calamities can happen under the Party’s rule? What are the secondary disasters after the floods? Have you ever thought about this question?

The host analyzes the Banqiao flood incident

After the Banqiao dam collapsed on August 8, 1975, all 26 dams downstream also collapsed. There is an article about the flooding published by Zi Dayu on Zhihu that details the scene of the flooding and the secondary disaster afterwards. The main purpose of this episode is to take our viewers through this article and review the flooding in Zhumadian, Henan. Due to space limitations, we won’t write it in detail. Interested friends can go online to search for the article.

Link of video

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