The whole towns in Junxian were totally in danger because of flood discharge

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Acordding to latest news, From 15:40 o’clock in July 29th, Given that the water level in the downstream section of the Wei River in Junxian is still rising, flood control pressure is greater, the Panshitou reservoir(盘石头水库) in Hebi stopped flood discharge. The people in the west of Wei River in Junxian had to transfer urgently, and the County of Junxian had been in dangerous situation, and only the Shantang Town in Junxian were safe in July 29th in daytime.

But out of the people’s expect, the government suddenly decided to activate small beach slope flood storage area(小滩坡蓄滞洪区) in July 29th at 23:30 o’clock. It covered two counties, Junxian in Heibi and Neihaungxian(内黄县) in Anyang City(安阳市),four towns including Wangzhuan Town, Shantang Town in Junxian, 42 villages including 32 in Junxian, and 10 in Eran village in Neihaungxian, and about 89.4 thousand people were affected.

Until now, there were totally 8 out of 9 flood storage areas had been activated in the Weihe River system in Henan province, including Guangrunpo, Cuijiaqiao, Liangxiangpo, Gongquxi, Changhongqu, Liuweipo and Baishipo, and Xiantanpo(广润坡、崔家桥、良相坡、共渠西、长虹渠、柳围坡、白寺坡、小滩坡).

And It’s even more depressing, the whole towns in Junxian had been totally flooded because of reservoir flood discharge. And there were nearly 700 thousands people were affected in Junxian.

From the flood delivering in Wangzhuan Town in July 29h at 0 o’clock, there were about 6 towns had been totally flooded in Junxian, and then the government stopped the flood discharge in Panshitou reservoir(盘石头水库), and the people thought their injure could be stopped. But the command from the Flood and Drought Control Command had totally put the people in Junixan in a desperate situation. And now Junxian had been in a tough situation the same as in Weihui. The people were cut of water and power and supply, and from the photos, we can see Junxian, the land of fish and rice, an old city, had turned into an ocean. Again the people had to help themselves and the official media downplayed the flood and praised the government’s disaster relief. 

The government had totally disregard for the life and death of the people in Junxian, and they just want to archive their goals in the use of reservoir flood discharge. They also covered up the truth through the internet, and they want to silence their people. But if they do more things like these, the people in the world would more find their intrinsic evil nature.

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1 month ago

Just wait until the monsoon season fully starts its flooding rain. By Aug 7, the rains will be serious and impact the west and central Yantze River Basin catchment areas where a lot of old dams are starting to fail. The people need to take action now (food/water supplies) and have a plan to evacuate to safety before the CCP breaks the dykes and dams to flood the farm lands. Three Gorges will also have an interesting time. CCP will find it hard to cover up all this flood damage and loss of life over the past weeks…thousands have lost… Read more »