[Breaking News] Communist China’s ” Nebulized” Substandard Vaccine Requires 1/5 of the Traditional Dose

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According to Sina.com, China’s nebulized inhalation vaccine has been endorsed by the “authoritative” Lancet Infectious Diseases, stating that “nebulized inhalation requires only 1/5 dose and the level of cellular immune response can be comparable to one dose intramuscular injection.

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The CCTV military program cited by the website, the interview took place at an institute of the Military Medical Research Institute. The video stated that the vaccine for nebulized inhalation is identical to the vaccine by intramuscular injection in terms of vaccine preparation prescription, packaging form and production facilities, except for the difference in the mode of vaccination, and is suitable for mass population promotion and utilization.

According to Hou Lihua of the Military Medical Research Institute of the Military Sciences Academy. First, the vaccine for nebulized inhalation does not need to be injected, which can improve the willingness of the population to be vaccinated; Second, the dosage used is very low, which is to substantially increase the yield of the vaccine; Third, no syringe is needed, which can effectively solve the medical waste disposal of sharp instruments. In addition, it is reported that this clinical trial is in the phase II stage.

The Chinese Communist Party started the story with “Good News!” as the beginning, while the author felt the horrible atmosphere. First of all, the CCP virus is airborne and aerosolized. Secondly, Mr. Miles Guo warned us on June 20th that besides preparing to release the virus again in the United States and Europe, the CCP also intends to apply the successful experience of releasing the virus in India to G7 Countries such as Europe and America. The Chinese Communist Party has already placed and has plans to place releases of colorless and odorless chemical weapons in water sources, power facilities and important natural wind control areas. And now substandard vaccines can also be used in so-called ” nebulization”, which the author thinks of as being airborne. Putting these three together, it means that the CCP virus as well as the “poison vaccine” can be airborne, and it was developed by military institutions, and it has to be applied to large groups of people, which is a very frightening scenario.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to speed furiously in the direction of destroying humanity, and in this time of global darkness, only Mr. Miles Guo, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) bring us the truth, expose the CCP’s terrible conspiracy, and aim to take down the CCP and save human lives.

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