Junxian County(浚县) suffered huge flood releasing pressure

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  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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From the latest news, we know that in the evening on July 28th the government suddenly notified the Wangzhuan(王庄)for the whole town urgently to transfer to safe places because of food delivering. And from July 29th, 0 o’clock, the whole town would have  water and power cut off, which would possibly affect up to seventy thousands people.

The Henan flood has lasted for more than 8 days from July 20th, and the people thought the damage by flood water would be less. But actually the waterlogging in Weihui, and the flood in Huaxian and Junxian seemed to be more serious.

On July 27, netizens in Junxian County and Huaxian County started a fierce debate over flood discharge in Wangwan (王湾). The people in Junxian condemned the people in Huaxian(滑县)as they secretly digged a hole as long as100 meters in the embankment, thus caused dozens of villages in Xiaohe Town (小河镇) totally flooded.

In fact, the Xiaohe Town (小河镇) also suffered from the pressure from the flood released from upstream reservoir in Communist Channel (共产主义渠) and Panshitou reservoir(盘石头水库) in Hebi(鹤壁.  The flood in Xiaohe Town was very serious, and put all the people in a tough situation without water, power and food supply.

There were totally 6 flood discharge areas in Henan Province and about 4 of them were in Junxian. The County and Shantang Town were the only places not and the rest of  towns and villages were totally submerged under the water, as far as the eyes can see, not only the water is deep, but also it flew very fast. This is the current situation. And the people were left alone to fight the flood without the help from the government. In other words, the help from the government was none, ZERO.

Junxian suffered the same disaster as in Weihui. The city’s water pressure is not only from the Huaxian County but also from the reservoir flood releasing. The normal function of reservoir should be drought and flood control. But under the admin in CCP, it has become a killer to kill the people at CCP’s will. And the political battles among local CCP government are also becoming very intense, which reflected the same situation of the fighting among the regime’s center, thus it were the people that have to bear all the consequences.

The disaster was indeed caused by human ill-conduct and is the made-made disaster not only in Junxian, also in other cities in Henan, for example in Weihui, Xinxiang, Hebi and Zhengzhou. Without the basic respect to the life. CCP has always tried to achieve their goals at the cost of the people. Their Intrinsic evil nature were seen in many matters, such as in Xinjiang Genocide, in suppression to Hong Kong Movement , in bio-weapon program with virus, and now, Henan flood.

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