[Commentary] “Day and Night Restoration” Truth Revealed About Drinking Water Plants and Zhengzhou Residents Recently Without Drinking Water

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On July 26th, Sina.com reprinted CCTV news: The heavy rain on July 24th caused a rupture in the water supply pipe of Houzhai Water Treatment Plant. After a day and night of emergency repair, the water plant is in operating condition. According to Zhengzhou Water Company, all nine water plants in Zhengzhou have resumed water supply. 

In 2010, Zhengzhou had four water plants, which were called Kakuyuan, Baimiao, Shifu, and Dongzhou. From 2011 to 2018, six new water plants were built in Zhengzhou. In November 2018, the Qiaonan, Houzhai, and the Longhu water plants were in the process of being built. Thanks to the additional water plants, Zhengzhou’s daily water supply capacity grew from 700,000 m² in 2008 to 1.2 million m² in 2018 and reached 2.06 million m² in 2020 (from Zhengzhou Water Use Plan 2020 targets.)

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On July 22nd, 2021, the Zhengzhou municipal government reported that heavy rains caused damage to power supply equipment and destruction to water supply pipes. The Qiaonan, Liuwan, Luoyang, and Houzhai Water Plant were shut down but would resume water supply by 24:00 on the 22nd. The daily water supply capacity of the above four water plants is 150,000 m², 400,000 m², 160,000 m², and 100,000 m² which makes a total of 810,000m², accounting for 39.32% of the daily water supply capacity of Zhengzhou City. On July 18th, Zhengzhou City suffered a very heavy rainfall. During 16:00 to 17:00 on July 20th, Zhengzhou rainfall reached extremes of 201.9 mm. The heavy rainfall led to severe waterlogging in the city. Vehicles were swept away and houses were collapsed by flooding. CCTV mentioned that the rainfall on the 24th led to the damage to water supply pipes, and the extent of damage to water supply pipes and power supply facilities from the heavy rainfall on the 20th could only be more severe. The truth about the flooding in Zhengzhou disclosed by people on social media, including video clips of people without water to drink, can lead to the inference that the four water plants had stopped working and producing on the 20th.

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Although the water plants have now resumed supply, firstly, the heavy rainfall and urban flooding have led to a decline in water quality. The original sewage treatment facilities lack capacity and the damage is unknown, so the drinkable water supply capacity is doubtful. Secondly, tens of thousands of people died or were lost due to the heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou. The environmental and water contamination caused by mud and decomposing bodies after the flooding is a cause for concern. The risk of a “pandemic” has increased. In this situation, it is doubtful that the quality of drinking water is up to standard. Under the CCP bureaucracy, secondary disasters will continue to dramatically unfold.

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Zhengzhou suffered the strongest rainfall in history has caused 12 deaths in Henan many places regional severe flooding


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