The CCP’s Fox Hunt Against Mr. Guo Wengui Never Stops

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When Xi Jinping took power in November 2012, he immediately launched a campaign to “punish political corruption”. The slogan is “fight tigers, swat flies and hunt foxes”. Subsequently, Zhou Yongkang, a state-ranking official, and the head of the three headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army all fell. It is reported that millions of corrupt officials and executives of state-owned enterprises have been sentenced to prison in this anti-corruption campaign, and tens of thousands of people have absconded overseas in fear of their crimes. These people are scattered around the world like dandelion flowers.

In January 2014, Xi Jinping stressed at a meeting of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection that foreign countries should not be allowed to become havens for some corrupt people. ” This led to the launch of the highly publicized “Operation Fox Hunt”. The Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China (CPC) followed up with the “Fox Hunt 2014” special operation, also known as the “Sky Net” operation. In March this year, the Chinese Communist Party announced that by February 2021, 9,165 fugitives had been recovered from 120 countries and regions, and RMB 21.739 billion in stolen money had been recovered.

The CCP’s corrupt officials, big and small, have trillions of dollars in illicit assets overseas. The recovered stolen money is less than a fraction of what Wang Qishan and other big corrupt officials have spent overseas. It may not be as much as the costs incurred in the seven years of the case. Obviously, the “Sky Net” is a ruling tool for the group of thieves to fight political enemies and dissidents in the name of the state and to scare all officials.

Recently, ProPublica, a non-profit investigative agency that has won the highest honor in journalism, the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism, released a lengthy report on fox hunting based on criminal investigation information provided by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

According to the report, police officer Hu Ji and his colleagues from the Wuhan Public Security Bureau have traveled to the United States several times over the years to “enforce the law”. Michael McMahon, a 14-year veteran of the New York Police Department’s detective division, was bribed by Hu Ji. McMahon used his professional investigative skills to illegally provide the Chinese Communist Party with intelligence and personal information on foxhunt targets.

Several Chinese were coerced by Hu Ji and his associates into participating in illegal fox hunting operations. After obtaining information from McMahon’s team, they lured their clients to show up by sending intimidating messages, door-to-door threats, and other crazy methods such as tracking and monitoring their targets. And coercing them to agree to return to their country for trial.

On September 4, 2018, two men working for Hu Ji drove to the client’s residence in New Jersey. In addition to banging on the front door, they attempted to force their way in. And as they left, they left a note saying that if you are willing to go back to the mainland and serve 10 years in prison, your wife and children will be fine. The report concluded that the CCP’s fox hunting operation constituted an infringement of U.S. judicial sovereignty.

On July 22, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it had received an indictment from New York charging Michael McMahon and nine others with conspiracy to act as illegal agents of the Chinese Communist Party in the United States. The DOJ alleges that the group worked for the Chinese Communist Party to illegally conduct surveillance, harassment, stalking and coercive activities against U.S. residents as part of a worldwide “fox hunt”.

The report notes that the foxhunting operation is not limited to economic cases, but primarily targets political dissidents in exile overseas. For example, Mr. Guo Wengui, a dissident who began intensive accusations and revelations of high-level corruption in the Communist Party in January 2017.

According to the report, “The head of China’s security ministry (meaning Liu Yanping, secretary of the security ministry’s disciplinary committee) went to his penthouse overlooking Central Park in early May 2017 to confront Guo Wengui, a billionaire living in New York, due to his allegations of high-level corruption in the CCP. But the FBl ordered them (meaning Liu Yanping and three of his entourage) to leave Guo Wengui’s home immediately because they had violated the terms of their visas”.

Shortly after Liu Yanping and Sun Lijun arrived in the U.S., Mr. Guo made public several long recorded phone calls with them. At the time, Sun Lijun, the head of Bureau 8 of the Ministry of Public Security, and Liu Yanping arrived in the United States almost simultaneously. Liu Yanping and three others visited Mr. Guo’s home with the purpose of stabilizing him. Sun Lijun, on the other hand, was out actively lobbying the U.S. Establishment to help repatriate Mr. Guo, but failed. They also had the memory in their communication tools seized by the FBI and were ordered to leave the U.S. immediately.

The Chinese Communist Party sent top officials from both branches of power to the United States to deal specifically with Mr. Guo alone. Xi also wrote a personal letter to President Trump requesting Mr. Guo’s repatriation, clearing the way for the operation in advance. However, since President Trump’s chief strategic advisor and member of the National Security Council at the time, Steve Bannon, who considered Mr. Guo a strategic asset in the fight against the Communist Party, blocked the deportation order that President Trump was about to sign. Mr. Guo was able to escape. Mr. Bannon and Mr. Guo had never met at that time.

But this was only the beginning of the CCP’s tailor-made “fox hunting” operation against Mr. Guo. Since the public revelation in January 2017, the CCP’s taxation, public security and other authorities have searched Mr. Guo’s businesses to the bottom of the earth. No evidence of Mr. Guo’s crimes has been found. Meng Hongwei, then president of Interpol and vice minister of the CCP’s Ministry of Public Security, still put Mr. Guo on the Red Notice list, but failed to stop Mr. Guo from continuing to expose the corruption of senior CCP officials.

Almost all of Mr. Guo’s family members and hundreds of employees in the country were arrested and jailed. This is a deliberate attempt by the CCP to add mental pressure on Mr. Guo. Hundreds of billions of dollars of Mr. Guo’s assets and cash in China and Hong Kong were confiscated, auctioned or frozen. At the same time the CCP sent a large number of individuals and companies to the U.S. to pursue legal proceedings against Mr. Guo. Plaintiffs listed by Reuters on July 23, 2017 include movie star Fan Bingbing, conglomerate HNA Group, real estate developer SOHO China and newsman Hu Shuli and Pacific Asia Opportunities Fund, among others. The CCP argued that Mr. Guo, who was cut off from his financial resources, could not pay the huge legal fees and finally had to give in to the CCP. But Mr. Guo, who had been prepared for the fight, got stronger and stronger. This round was a defeat for the CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party’s top brass has planned a bigger conspiracy. Deutsche Welle reported that in May 2017, Sun Lijun, then vice minister of China’s Ministry of Public Security, met with Broidy, vice chairman of the U.S. Republican Fundraising Committee, in a hotel suite in Shenzhen. The meeting was held in a hotel suite in Shenzhen, China. Davis, to lobby the U.S. Department of Justice and others to deport Guo Wengui. Broidy and Davis pleaded guilty in October 2020, with Broidy admitting to having received $9 million in lobbying fees from Meng Jianzhu’s illegitimate son, Jho Low. The U.S. Department of Justice declared the lobbying case, which undermined the independence of the U.S. judiciary, a complete failure.

At the same time, the CCP sent a large number of agents to the United States to harass, follow, and threaten Mr. Guo. Mr. Guo therefore announced that if something untoward happened, he would have his lawyer or relevant client continue to break the news. In addition, the CCP instructed hooligans such as Champion Liang to organize dozens of people to constantly abuse Mr. Guo under his residence, causing him great distress.

Anyone with a bit of logical thinking could see that Mr. Guo has evidence of criminality in the hands of the CCP’s top brass. Mr. Guo’s determination and appeal to destroy the Communist Party, his unfathomable international connections, and his economic power made the Chinese Communist Party fearful. Of course, the Chinese Communist Party was eager to get rid of him.

Even so, the scum who stabbed Mr. Guo in the back never ceased to do so. Half a month ago, Wang Dinggang, Yan Limeng and several people with ulterior motives claiming to be doctors suddenly trashed against Mr. Guo. Their routine was exactly the same as that of genuine Chinese Communist spy Wu Zheng, falsely accusing Mr. Guo of being a Chinese Communist agent.

In July 2019, Strategic Vision, a company owned by two professional liars, Michael Waller and French Waller, filed a countersuit in U.S. federal court. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Guo Wengui has been a “Chinese spy” assisting the Chinese Communist Party, and that he is a double agent. This bizarre lawsuit was paid for by Wu Zheng, an authentic Chinese spy, who paid the legal fees for the two crooks. But the lawsuit ended in Mr. Guo’s favor.

It is obvious that branding Mr. Guo as a CCP spy is an attempt by the CCP to smear the Whistleblower movement and the New Federal State of China which has made it its mission to destroy the CCP. It is expected that Mr. Guo will soon sue Wang Dinggang and Yan Limeng for reputation damage and other false accusations. The odds are that Wu Zheng will also pay their legal fees.

Last June, Stanford University released an investigative report claiming that the CCP had 200,000 water army accounts on the Internet. This number is 150 times larger than the combined size of the U.S. mainstream media and Russian cyberbots. Mr. Guo Wengui is the most frequently attacked anti-communist by the CCP’s online water army.

In February, from a report by Graphika, a neutral third-party organization, showed that Mr. Guo Wengui had suffered the highest number of CCP cyberattacks in the world. Mr. Guo Wengui is a billionaire and critic of the Chinese Communist Party who was forced to leave China, according to the report. Mr. Guo Wengui has been the target of attacks since our earliest days of identifying disinformation warfare. Back in the summer of 2018, the CCP’s online water forces were posting anti-Guo content. Many of them shared content from a YouTube channel called “YY FSJ Rumor Crusher”. Throughout the course of their operations, the online water forces focused their efforts on Mr. Guo Wengui. They used every opportunity and tool to attack Mr. Guo Wengui. These third-party reports can be easily seen with the snap of a finger.

Mr. Guo has created the G series of economic ecosystem such as GTV, GNews, G currency, G fashion, etc., which has already formed an extremely strong siphoning effect on the capital of the Communist China. It will accelerate the demise of the CCP, and therefore, the retaliation of the CCP will be more violent.

Here again, I quote Hannah Arendt, one of the greatest philosophers and political scientists of the last century. In her book The Origins of Totalitarianism, Arendt says, “Totalitarianism is different from the tyranny that has ever existed in previous history. For totalitarianism is not for the benefit of one part of humanity, but is radically opposed to humanity as a whole, to all humanity, to all civilization. That is to say, totalitarian rulers also end up including themselves in a system and process that is not their own, and cannot help themselves until their final demise. The behavior of totalitarian rulers is not tyrannical, but barbaric, the unbridled play of the evil side of human nature.” From this, we can better understand why the Chinese Communist Party has released poison and why it has always screwed the Chinese people to death.

According to Hannah Arendt’s definition, the Chinese Communist Party is the enemy of all civilizations, including human beings. The CCP used the resources of whole party and the whole country against Mr. Guo because Mr. Guo is really anti-communist and is defending human civilization. Therefore he was empowered with infinite power, which enabled him to defeat the CCP’s crazy fox hunting operation again and again.

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