A banner sees through the Hong Kong government’s attitude on fighting the virus

Does anyone else share my bafflement on the utility of 3-storey tall banners saying “We Fight the Virus” on buildings in all 18 districts?

We can clearly see if the government is genuinely fighting the epidemic. It is not as if hanging huge banners to announce your work actually proves anything.

In the same space currently occupied by banners, the government could have displayed preventative information like reminding citizens when to wash hands, the steps for correct hand washing, to cover the toilet seat when flushing, proper surgical mask usage, etc. Instead, the government put up a vainglorious and empty 4-word slogan.

The funniest thing is the website URL at the bottom of the banner saying, “For more information on fighting the virus”. What information is even on the banner? Why is the same URL shown twice in such a large font? With the money wasted on these banners, I could have been better off spending 1,000 HKD on masks and alcohol sanitizers than on such a tactless public relations campaign. Every day, I see my district councillor friends scramble for just one or two boxes of masks while we are helpless in the face of our oblivious government.

By the way, the QR code is 5 m above the ground. How could I scan it? Are you teasing me for not being 10 feet tall?

The only explanation is that this bureaucratic government does not use its brain. If anyone can see the merits of these banners in fighting the virus, please enlighten me.

Source: Facebook

Contributor: GM02

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1 year ago


1 year ago

? yes, they are exactly the same as the CCP.

1 year ago

They are just bringing the practices of the CCP to Hong Kong.


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