The Operation Fox Hunt Series: Part Four (Final)

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Chinese dissident Miles Guo at his apartment in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel, Manhattan, where he says he was visited by China’s Ministry of State Security officials. Michael Bucher / The Wall Street Journal.

Mr Hu’s cunning, cold strategies and tactics throughout his operation, as revealed by the FBI’s lengthy investigation, gives crucial insight into the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) true nature and intentions towards the Chinese people and the world, particularly any who oppose their cruel interests.

“The timing of the investigation ties nicely with our understanding of when Fox Hunt came to be more broadly understood outside of China,” stated Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Deputy Assistant Director Bradley Benavides, mentioned in Part Two of this series.

“This investigation absolutely helped the FBI understand how Fox Hunt operatives work, what the plans and intentions are and how aggressive they would be in this arena.”

In 2017, a CCP abduction squad abducted a Chinese Canadian billionaire in Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Hotel. The team allegedly drugged the man, threw him in a wheelchair and rolled him back to mainland China.

The same year, officials from China’s Ministry of State Security attempted to confront Miles Guo in his Manhattan apartment after exposing high-level corruption within the CCP. The FBI protected the New Federal State of China (NFSC) leader, telling the Chinese security officials that they had violated their visa terms.

In March 2017, Chinese authorities announced that investigators from the Ningxia region and Chinese embassy personnel in Paris had persuaded fugitive Zheng Ning to return to China. Mr Zheng then mysteriously disappeared. He was a cashmere industry executive and had resided in France for three years.

Although France has an extradition treaty with China, French officials say they were unaware of Mr Zheng’s repatriation. French intelligence chiefs promptly sent complaints to their Chinese counterparts on the matter.

Paul Charon, a China expert at the French defence ministry’s Institute for Strategic Research, stated the incident was shocking.

“It also shows a bigger phenomenon: the hardening stance of the regime in Beijing, which dares to carry out these operations overseas and mock the sovereignty of other countries,” Mr Charon added.

Meanwhile, US officials acknowledge their government is slow to respond to the CCP threat. The FBI has also tried to connect with immigrant communities to find potential and declared CCP targets.

“It did take us a while to catch up and realize what was happening. With things like Fox Hunt, we realized it was not going to be enough to change behaviour simply through having meetings with the Chinese. We were going to have to be more aggressive,” said John Demers, the US National Security Division of the Justice Department’s Former Assistant Attorney General mentioned in Part Two of this series.

ProPublica. July 22, 2021. Operation Fox Hunt: How China Exports Repression Using a Network of Spies Hidden in Plain Sight.

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