[GT Online] Efficacy of Sinovac Vaccine Questioned Again

Author: Jay Cheung

Translated by billwilliam

Proofread by: Ermat

Image Source:  www.takungpao.com

According to Taiwan’s Formosa TV, the CCP virus (Covid) keeps spreading in China, whose domestic virus cases continue to rise. Most of the confirmed patients have been vaccinated by China’s domestically produced vaccines.

Since a confirmed case was found at Nanjing Lukou Airport a week ago, the epidemic has spread to five provinces and ten cities in China and continues to spread. Most of the confirmed virus cases have been vaccinated by vaccines made in China. The epidemic outbreak has prompted people to question the efficacy of China’s domestically produced vaccines in disease prevention. In fact, the CCP government has long admitted that Chinese-made vaccines can only be used for secondary prevention—which means they can only prevent the onset of disease but cannot protect against infection.

The spread of epidemic has made China’s domestically produced vaccines a joke. The number of cases is also rising in countries that have administered vaccines produced by China, bringing disaster to these countries. The CCP vaccines will certainly be held accountable by the international community and are doomed to fail.


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