[Inquisitive Minds]Miles Kwok- The #1 Target of CCP’s Operation Fox Hunt


Miles Kwok (aka Guo Wengui), a billionaire, a dissident, and the most famous whistleblower, is indeed the number 1 target of Communist China’s global Operation Fox Hunt (OFH). OFH refers to the plots that send professionally trained spies overseas to hunt for so-called China-enemies accused falsely and unjustifiably by the CCP. The OFH team would not follow other countries’ laws or regulations but illegally stalk, monitor, or threaten the individuals or families that they will take them back to China for torture or criminal charges. In most cases, the OFH members would cooperate with their local allies who have money, fame, and attempts to work with the OFH members to lure the targets into their hunting traps.

In the past 70 years, there is only one man, absolutely the true hero, Miles Kwok, among 1.4 billion Chinese people, with courage and determination, has been openly and bravely confronting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s legitimacy as the ruling party in China since 2016. It was the first time in Chinese history; as an insider who knows how the CCP’s stealing, robbing, and cheating strategies work inside and outside China, Miles stands up strong and appeals to the world justice league to take down the evil CCP and liberate the Chinese people and save the humanity.

Why is Miles Kwok the number one target of CCP’s Operation Fox Hunt? Why does CCP activate its hidden spy network worldwide to hunt down Miles Kwok? Why would CCP rather reveal its secret western elites who CCP has compromised for personal benefits to attack Miles Kwok viciously and insanely? Why are there so many so-called overseas Chinese dissidents who benefit from the western democracy suddenly tarnish and frame Miles with all means possible? Yes, everything happens for a reason. Here are some crucial reasons behind Communist China’s Operation Fox Hunt campaign against Miles Kwok using the whole nation’s efforts and spy networks.

  1. The CCP cannot take any direct challenge or critique from anyone globally because the CCP’s birth nature is arrogance, killing, low self-esteem, and shamelessness. Miles’s whistleblower movement opens the eyes of the Chinese people and the world to understand the true nature of CCP.
  2. Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, Jiang Zemin, and other CCP’s evil allies in China and the world are extremely mad with Miles Kwok because Miles undressed the Emperor’s New Clothes and revealed their dirty secrets to take over the world step by step in 2025, 2035, and 2045.
  3. Miles Kwok has awakened millions of Chinese people and thousands of Westerners from the democratic world to join the whistleblower movement and the New Federal State of China. The CCP wants to put out the freedom flame before it is too late.
  4. More and more elites from the western world who favor CCP’s ruling strategy to suppress the 1.4 billion Chinese people start to face their internal introspection and repentance for selling their hearts and souls to the evil Chinese Communist Party. Miles is their biggest obstacle and enemy because CCP leaders want to keep these traitors on the same sinking boat.
  5. Miles Kwok has launched the influential and fast-growing G ventures in less than two years by working with the loyal whistleblower movement members and the awakened the rich, the famous, and influencers worldwide. CCP is so nervous about the development of the G series because the evil CCP would never want the Chinese people to live a prosperous and wealthy life.
  6. Miles Kwok told the world in late 2019 that the CCP would launch the bioweapon warfare to attack America and other western civilized countries to become the new superpower in the world. Miles and the whistleblower movement members have revealed the origin and CCP’s secrets behind the Covid-19 pandemic disasters by the end of 2019.
  7. Miles Kwok told the western world that CCP is the tumor of humanity. Taking down CCP is the call of GOD to save humans from falling to hell with the evils represented by the Chinese Communist Party.

(To Be Continued)

Edited and posted by Xiaoxin

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