The Farm: Extremely high sulfur levels detected in China (on 3/16)


Despite not having ‘eyes on the ground’ (meaning — readily accessible photographic evidence) due to the ‘blockade’ of the Great Firewall, it’s still (at very particular times) possible to see anomalies coming from China. This more extensive report previously shared by Taiwan News only adds to the mystery — and speculates that 14,000 corpses would have had to have been burned to generate the previous record-setting readings of somewhere between 1000-1500ug/m3. These new readings — unfortunately — are much higher than we have previously seen and cover a much wider area.

These measurements are taken just south of the river in Wuhan, approximately here:

What could have possibly caused sulfur emissions of this magnitude?

Reading of 2072.59ug/m3.
Reading of 2270.74ug/m3.
This is from the same time as the high levels detected in Wuhan, zoomed out. (3/16/20)

Results are still high across mainland China into today.

Windy readings from 3/17
Windy map of the Americas for comparison.
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