[GT Online] WeChat Suspends New User Registration

Written by Potato

Proofread by April on Earth

According to a report from Sina on July 27, 2021, WeChat suspends new user registration which is expected to resume in early August. Tencent customer service replied: “The platform system is currently undergoing technical upgrades,” but people hold different views, they said this technical upgrade, or to cooperate with the “Qingfeng plan”, which is a CCP network clean task to improve the network environment.

According to another report on July 21, 2021, the WeChat Security Center released a message: ” The WeChat platform will launch a two-month ‘Qingfeng Plan 2021’ summer network environment improvement action for teenagers.”

 People said actually from July 23, they already found that WeChat suspends new user registration and wondered if there is something wrong with their cell phones.

Combined with the performance of Tencent Holdings (stock code 00700.HK) in the Hong Kong stock market in recent days, it can be found that: CCP regulation is smashing the Internet giants in the name of anti-monopoly, and Tencent has fallen from a high of HK$773.900 on February 18, 2021, to the current HK$465.600, evaporating a market value of nearly HK$3 trillion in just five months.

In addition, from the recent huge plunge in the U.S. Chinese stocks, although it started in the tighten-up of education training industry regulatory control, but has now spread to other sectors and fields, Alibaba, New Oriental, Good Future, etc. also suffered a heavy blow.

In CCP China, no fortune really belongs to people, CCP will take it from you anytime! All Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese people must wake up now.


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