原創: 阿拔

翻譯:Newbrief, PR:Patrick

Today is my 127th day at the Lai Chi Kok detention Centre.

Congratulations to Taiwan for holding the line and not being hit hard by the CCP pneumonia.

President Tsai Ing-wen did a great job guarding Taiwan. If the election tipped toward Mr. Han, Taiwan would become victim of the genocidal virus from CCP.

Those Hongkongers stranded in Wuhan, well, I guess they will stay stranded. They cried out: “Granny seven (Witch Carrie Lam’s poll is 777 votes), we can’t get supplies, everything is running out. Please just send planes to pick your fellow Hongkongers.” Granny seven says: “No way, The great leader Xi is heading towards Wuhan.” Stranded Hongkongers say: “We are dying here. We want to go back to Hong Kong.” She would says: “The Vice President of WHO said that if he got the Wuhan virus, he rather go to China for medical treatment.” Hongkongers say: “Ok! Why don’t you just bring all infected patients to China and get medical treatment?”

Just months before the pinky zombies (pro-Beijing youths) championed Sun Yang as a people’s hero, but now the Chinese Communist Party is trashing Sun Yang as a used condom. He’s suspended for eight years and his athlete’s career is over. He absolutely asked for it! You guys’ washed brain are so fucked…! Pinky zombies! where is your great hero Sun Yang? Are you all going to cry your hearts out?

My fellow HK brethren gave me a book of Cheng Xiang which helped me a lot over the 127 days. He quoted Tolstoy on the book cover: “People who have not been in jail will never understand the true nature of his country.” These two sentences have shown me that the Hong Kong Communist regime is totally rotten from top to the bottom, and the entire system of behavior has be reduced to nil.

Why does an extremely bad hegemonic government behaving so cold blooded? Because the enemy we are facing is a central totalitarian regime. We have talked about it decades ago, and talked about it for decades about a regime change of China. Why hasn’t the system imploded yet? The future of CCP will only get worse and worse, and it is not likely to implode. The only solution is that every province declare independence for self preservation.

In February, the Chinese Communist Party’s PMI was only 35.7. In the coming two months, all products made in China will be decreasing and going into next 3 to 4 months. Those who still think about getting rich relying on China’s development, please just cut your lost and get out of China. Why would anyone staying in a dangerous place?

The CCP’s days are numbered. It will be a lousy 70-year-old regime in history. Hong Kong must fight tough to survive. Within these high walls, I feel no frustration but anger.

Hongkongers will keep fighting, and we will revenge for the injustice acted upon us!

God will cleanse the Chinese Communist Party, and justice will be swift!


March 10, 2020

Edited by HimalayaHawkSquad