The waterlogging in Weihui(卫辉)was very serious, causing more than 600,000 people to transfer

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From July 25th to July 26th, the rain was not so heavy, yet the waterlogging in Weihui was much more serious, the water lever had reached 3 meters.

Weihui is an old town in the north of Xinxiang, which is not as famous as Xinxiang. According to word of mouth,” In the early time, the government used to mobilize the villagers from 32 different villages in Shangle Cun Town(上乐村镇) to protect the city of Weihui, that’s true. And the villagers all trusted the government from then on. But this time unexpectedly, the water level in Xinxiang instantly dropped overnight while the water level in Weihui city rose at an incredible rate and “the water pouring into Weihui from Xinxiang has lasted for more than 60 hours until July 26 when the mouth was closed in the morning. Without alarming the villages ahead of time, the government then secretly bombed up the dikes between Weihui and Xinxiang. Only a few villagers accidently noticed the blast at night and were able to transfer to the safe places in time. But most of villagers didn’t get any notice to transfer to safe places until the early morning. To make matters worse, the local government also discharged water from the reservoir into Weihui, again without notifying the villagers in advance.

In addition, the city’s water pressure is under the pressure from both dams and reservoirs when the water from Xinxiang poured into Weihui through the dikes, and water from the reservoir also poured into the city. The city was finally completely submerged in July 26th. In the morning the government started to inform the villagers to transfer to other safer cities, and about 600, 000 people were affected. And the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical College with a history of 120 years was completely flooded and had to be closed.

With this disaster, the elderly, the weak, the young, and the people at their middle-ages in Weihui lost their homes properties and belongings, forced most of 600,000 affected people to evacuate.

The irony is that the government said that had always recorded the water level, according to their record as below:

In fact, the water level in many places exceeds 2 meters, and some even exceed 3 meters. One netizen in Weihui said “ Maybe officials should drink the water that they recorded above the water level. ”

It’s so heartbroken to see the emotional outburst of people in Weihui and to see their flee helplessly in desperate. But what has really caused this disaster in Weihui? Who gave the government the right to have a city destroyed and its people killed in such ruthlessly way with the excuse to protect another one?  It is the government that definitely was the main course of this disaster in Weihui, when it bombed the dikes at night without any alarm to the villagers ahead of time. This is a man-made disaster caused by the government as in Zhengzhou and Xinxiang.

If at the beginning, the government had reasonable solutions to solve this problem, the damage would be much less than now. In addition to the loss of life and property of the villagers, secondary disasters will be more serious, and other cities north of Henan will also be very dangerous.

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