[Miles Today] Zhengzhou police arrested 1,000 people to cover up the truth. The CCP is collecting Himalaya coins.

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Man-made Disasters ; A Police State

Mr. Guo confirmed that the CCP discharged water from five major reservoirs and twelve small reservoirs before heavy rains fell on Zhengzhou. The Henan people became victims of the infighting between local officials and Xi’s appointees.

  • If the heavy rainfall in Henan was considered as a once-in-a-thousand-year incident, then in comparison, Taiwan would have 50 once-in-a-thousand-year floods every year.
  • In the modern age of the Internet, truth cannot be concealed forever. Let’s start the destruction of the CCP by exposing the truth of the Henan floods.
  • Zhengzhou police arrested 1,000 people yesterday, including those who escaped from the Beijing-Guangzhou highway tunnel, those who implemented government orders to discharge water from dams, and those who collected evidence. The CCP’s ability to arrest people is hundreds of millions of times of their ability to save lives.

Xi’s Tibet Visit

  • Xi’s assistants insisted that Xi should continue with his Tibet tour as the flooding in Henan was a natural phenomenon and such disasters would bring prosperity to the nation.
  • Xi received millions of khatas in Tibet and toured the most secret place in the Potala Palace. He was revered as a living Buddha in Tibet.
  • It is a common sense that deadly disasters often cause a change in leadership.

Why does the CCP’s counter-whistleblower task force try to collect Himalaya coins?

  • The CCP’s counter-whistleblower task force offered 10x the pre-listing price to buy Himalaya coins from Whistleblower Movement supporters.
  • The CCP has three reasons for collecting Himalaya coin: (1) To make themselves richer. (2) To crush the H coin price in future. (3) To smear the G ecosystem by spending H coins on criminal activities.
  • Recently, G|Clubs received quite a few investors’ money with their investment capital amounted from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. However, anybody who hesitates about the future of the movement or lacks determination to take down the CCP will be asked to leave.

Why are Yan and Lude still on the run?

  • Mr. Guo would let Li-meng Yan and Lude to continue with their bad performances. Whatever lies they tell to the public will eventually incriminate themselves in the future.
  • In the African Savannah, predators wait patiently for hours before pouncing on their prey at the right moment. The CCP’s fake dissidents are acting like preys. All they do is making loud noises, eating and having sex.
  • The lawmakers and media outlets that Yan spoke to are part of Mr. Guo’s network. Once Peter Navarro discovers that Yan lied to him, he will not easily let her off the hook.
  • Since Yan is a scammer, continuing to sponsor her will cause trouble to the Rule of Law Foundation and the Whistleblower Movement. The three Yan’s reports were in fact written and contributed by a group of Whistleblower Movement supporters and have served their purpose. Removing the three reports from internet will not delay the progress of taking down the CCP or holding it accountable for the virus.
  • On July 10, the White House has received a notice that there was no direct evidence suggesting that the virus was a bioweapon made in the CCP lab. Americans will be furious if they know such news. People’s anger will only accelerate the revelation of the truth.

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