CCP Makes ‘Civilian Heroes’ for Propaganda As Government Fails on Disastrous Floods

July 26, 2021

Chinese state media on Thursday celebrated the “civilian heroes” who rescued each other during the devastating Henan Province floods, ignoring complaints about the confused and inadequate response of Chinese officials and the disastrous planning decisions that made crowded Henan so vulnerable to flooding.

Flood survivors are telling foreign reporters and social media about failed warning systems, bizarre decisions to keep subways running even as they filled with water, and officials who had to be shown live video of trapped passengers to be convinced they were still alive.

China’s state-run Global Times only wanted to talk about the “civilian heroes” hashtagged in social media posts tolerated by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censors, while eyewitness accounts that made the authorities look callous or incompetent mysteriously disappeared.

Global Times repeatedly stressed how “rare,” “extraordinary,” and “unprecedented” the rains have been this week but grudgingly admitted that irate Zhengzhou residents want subway officials investigated for failing to suspend underground rail service during the storm when flooding of the tunnels was a fairly obvious danger. The subway company has not been forthcoming about who made the decision to keep the system running.

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