7/26/21 Japan Galaxy News: Japan Wins First Ever Olympic Gold Medal In Skateboarding; Suga And Tokyo Governor Discuss Olympics And CCP Virus

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1.Japan Wins Skateboarding’s First-ever Gold  

Japan bagged skateboarding’s first-ever gold medal and notched a surprise win in the pool, the BusinessWorld reported on July 25. Skateboarder Yuto Horigome, who grew up in the Tokyo ward where the event is being held, took gold at the debut of a sport once seen as a symbol of counterculture. That followed surprise medal joy in the pool for Yui Ohashi in the 400m women’s medley. The gold haul, which came after judoka Naohisa Takato won the host nation’s first gold on Saturday, offers organizers hope of boosting enthusiasm for the delayed Olympics among the Japanese public.

2.Japan’s PM Suga, Tokyo Governor Koike Discuss Olympics and CCP Virus

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike met on Sunday to discuss the Olympic Games held in the capital and anti-CCP virus measures, Reuters reported on July 25. The meeting comes as Tokyo reported 1,763 new COVID cases in the capital on Sunday. Japan has won four gold medals so far, including skateboarding’s first gold, and the wins offer organizers hope of boosting enthusiasm for the delayed Olympics among the Japanese public. But the pandemic continues to hang over the Games. Olympic organizers on Sunday reported 10 new COVID-19 cases involving two athletes, six Olympic personnel, one member of the media, and one contractor. That raises the total connected to the Games to 132.

3.Typhoon No. 8 May Land in Eastern Japan on the 27th

Large typhoon No. 8 is heading northward over the southeast coast of Japan and may approach Tohoku and eastern Japan on the 27th, with the possibility of landfall, the NHK reported on July 25. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, large typhoon No. 8 is moving north at 3:00 pm on the 25th in the sea near Minamitorishima in the Ogasawara Islands at 15 km per hour. The central pressure is 992 hectopascals; the maximum wind speed is 20 meters, the maximum instantaneous wind speed is 30 meters. There is no storm area, but strong winds of 15 meters or more blow within 700 km to the southeast and 390 km to the northwest of the center.

4.Facilitating Military Visits, Japan and UK Consider Agreement to Check Communist China

At a meeting of the Japanese and British defense ministers held on the 20th, the port call of HMS Queen Elizabeth and other carrier strike groups was announced, and it was also revealed that two Royal Navy patrol ships would be permanently active in the Indo-Pacific region in the future, the Sankei Shimbun reported on July 25. The British government has indicated that it will seek cooperation from Japan, Australia, Singapore, etc., regarding the constant deployment of two patrol ships. The frequency of calls to Japan for replenishment may increase. Furthermore, the facilitation agreement clarifies the legal status and procedures of troops, such as bringing in weapons, taxation, and criminal jurisdiction to commit a crime in the partner country.

5.Japanese Government’s 2030 Target Calls for Households to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 66 Percent

The Japanese government’s new draft global warming countermeasures plan, released on July 25, outlines specific measures to be taken by companies, local governments, and households to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 by 46% compared to 2013 announced by Prime Minister  Yoshihide Suga, Kyodo News reported. The plan calls for a 66 percent reduction in household emissions, a 50 percent reduction in commercial sector emissions, and a 37 percent reduction in industrial sector emissions by 2030. In addition, the plan calls for significant reductions in household emissions and smaller reductions in the industrial sector, although the industrial sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

6.5,020 New Infections in Japan, the First Time Since May 16 That More than 5,000 People Were Infected on Sunday

According to the Mainichi Shimbun, a total of 5,020 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Japan on July 25. This was the first time since May 16 that the number of cases on Sunday exceeded 5,000. As a result, the number of seriously ill patients increased by 12 to 448, and the number of deaths increased by 4 to 15,140. In Tokyo, 1,763 cases were confirmed, the highest number on Sunday, surpassing the 1,595 cases on Jan. 17. In Okinawa Prefecture, 209 cases were confirmed, about three times as many as last Sunday.

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