Taking Down the CCP News Quick Interpretation-Issue 001

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Interpretation in English 


Trust me,It’s getting faster and faster!

These so-called mainstream media are reluctant to admit their low-level mistakes in the past. The whole world knows that it is a low-level mistake that can never be erased, and even a shame.

but it is waking up after all!

They suppress the truth that the COVID-19 comes from laboratory ,they distort the facts and propagate that the virus comes from nature, and they block and suppress the life-saving information of the true efficacy of hydroxychloroquine treatment and prevention… They are high above, like a justice king who knows everything. , They regard the lives of the people like grass and mustards…

Keep this in mind :Covid-19 =Bioweapons !!!

But at the moment,

People are dying,CCP is still at large.

This time, CCP-The biggest dictatorship demon on our planet 🌍

– is dead!!!


Everything has just begun !

(This article only reflects the opinion of the author)

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