Taking Down the CCP News Quick Interpretation-Issue 002

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Taking Down the CCP News Quick Interpretation-Issue 002

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Interpretation in English 

Don’t be surprised when you see this news.

Too many scientists or influential figures are deeply involved in the perfect crime of this pandemic.

Some people are involved in it without knowing it or even knowing it, or are threatened or intimidated, or both soft and hard, and have to follow it.

Many people are bought or used,

In any case, they are all accomplices.

The kind and innocent people all over the world do not believe that this is a super biological weapon made by China communist party (CCP is not equal to Chinese people ).

let alone that we are in the third world war. 

Now, the entire world has paid the most unbearable price for human greed, stupidity, ignorance and cowardice-millions of people have lost their lives for this!

Fortunately, the ignorant world is waking up, and the culprit of this pandemic will surely be punished due to it!

Take down the ccp!

(This article only reflects the opinion of the author)

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