Taking Down the CCP With the Spirit of Geometry and Mathematics

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Interpretation in English 

I love art far more than philosophy.

We all know that [The Bible] is the book with the most circulation in the world, but do you know that among all the classics in the history of Western civilization, there is only one book that can match her?

That’s right, she is Euclid’s [Geometric Original].

Lincoln once bought one, and he always carried it with him when he went out in court to appear in court, as a spiritual companion under the candlelight at night.

photo source: internet

In fact, this book is not just a mathematics masterpiece, it is also a brilliant philosophical masterpiece that crosses the galaxy of history-on this point, most people cannot understand why.

This stunning masterpiece from Two or three hundred BC , its intrinsic value far exceeds our imagination.

It will condense the complex and ever-changing real world into a harmonious world full of geometric order.

Keywords: order

Secondly, the great humanistic spirit, scientific spirit, and rationalism run through. She is like a bolt of lightning, piercing the dark, stale and low human starry sky.

Yes, geometry and mathematics, in my opinion, is also a form of art.

In the almost perfect world of geometry and mathematics,

Full of order, full of scientific spirit, full of strong and ardent humanistic spirit, they are even the highest form of philosophy…

Through the mystery and deepness of mathematics and geometry, I seem to be able to see God hiding in it.

I have been deeply shocked by those great art works and literary works countless times, but the spiritual, artistic, and beautiful connotations emitted by geometry and mathematics are more direct, deeper, and more certain, directly hitting the depths of the soul of the universe.

Through that magical and profound mathematical reasoning and formulas, I seem to be able to hear echoes from far away…

The beauty of mathematics is hidden in everything…

Within the high walls they rule, If there is a little free spirit in geometry and mathematics, and a little order spirit in geometry and mathematics,the Chinese can really create a social civilization that is much more splendid than they are now…

It’s a pity that the CCP have defiled and raped everything! Defile all clean things, rape all beautiful souls, kill all free spirits, disrupt all civilized order…

This evil system kills people invisible…

(This article only reflects the opinion of the author)

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