[GT Online] Nanjing CCP Virus Outbreak: More than 90% of the Cases Were Vaccinated

Author: Bill Wu

Proofread by: Sister Karamazov

Image Source: qq.com

According to a report from 163.com on July 25 (Beijing time): As of 12:00pm on July 24, a total of 57 CCP virus cases (37 symptomatic cases and 20 asymptomatic cases) have been reported in Nanjing since the outbreak a couple of days ago, most of them being Lukou Airport staff and their family members. There are also 10 associated cases in 5 provinces (7 cities), including Guangdong Zhongshan (1 symptomatic case), Guangdong Zhuhai (1 asymptomatic case), Liaoning Shenyang (1 symptomatic case, 3 asymptomatic cases), Anhui Hexian (1 asymptomatic case), Anhui Wuhu (1 asymptomatic case), Jiangsu Suqian (1 asymptomatic case), and Sichuan Mianyang (1 symptomatic case). The total cases of the Nanjing outbreak has reached 67.

According to a report published on the official website of Nanjing Lukou Airport on May 14: as of May 12, 2021, the total number of people vaccinated in Eastern Airport Group was 9,251, with a vaccination rate of 90.87%. Also, a total of 29 vaccinating events have taken place and 5,036 employees have been vaccinated in Nanjing Lukour Airport, with a vaccination rate of 90.3%.

Since most of the confirmed CCP virus cases in Nanjing are Lukou Airport staff (32 of them have been reported to be cleaners) and their family members, we can assume that around 90% of the infected airport staff had been vaccinated, and we can further deduce that the infected people who were vaccinated could also spread CCP virus to their close contacts.

Source: 2021年7月25日南京疫情

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