[Inquisitive Minds] New Report Reveals Aggressive Overseas Operations of the Chinese Communist Party

Author: James Zoebell – MOS Education Group

A recent investigative report released by ProPublica, a nonprofit organization, depicted the startling fact of a series of aggressive overseas operations of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), particularly in the United States. Such operatives were conducted under the Operation Fox Hunt, “a shadowy fugitive-apprehension program,” to bring the accused figures – justifiably or not –back to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Yet, the process often involves inappropriate moves that clearly violate American laws and mock sovereignty.

The report details that a Chinese policeman from central China, named Hu Ji, entered the United States multiple times on a tourist visa, blackmailed and conscripted Chinese American residents, hired private detectives and muscles to track down “targets” by stalking, harassing, and coercing their family members. The repatriation team, consisting of nine individuals led by Hu, was charged last October by the federal government with illegally acting as foreign agents. Johnny, a young Chinese immigrant from Queens, was forced to work for Hu, because his uncle, a previous target of Operation Fox Hunt, would be suffering in CCP’s custody. Michael McMahon, 53, a retired NYPD police officer was hired to track down the target. Tu Lan, 50, a prosecutor for the Hanyang District of Wuhan, was acting as a disguised specialist to “persuade” the target to head home.    

According to the report, the insidious tactics Hu’s Fox Hunt team used involved stalking the target’s relatives, harassing the target’s daughter in California, sending threat notes, and as far as forcibly bringing in their target’s frail and elderly father from China to New Jersey as human bait – a high-stakes gambit known as an “emotional bomb.” Rather than use established legal systems such as Interpol or requests for assistance from U.S. law enforcement, the Chinese agents took matters into their own hands and tried to intimidate people into returning to China, U.S. officials said.

Hu Ji in front of Interpol headquarters  
Credit Source: Wuhan Evening News

What this report revealed was only the tip of the iceberg of increasing Chinese government infiltrations in the United States. Under Xi Jinping’s leadership, CCP has been actively using individuals in the open American society, including international students, visiting scholars, neighborhood associations, and Chinese American churches, to extend its malign influence and dominance. A report by Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights group, concluded that China conducts “the most sophisticated, global, and comprehensive campaign of trans-national repression in the world.” With the West preoccupied with other threats such as terrorism, Chinese spies have saturated diaspora communities with conscripted agents.

ProPublica’s report also confirms similar statements made by Guo Wengui earlier, (a.ka. Miles Kwok), a dissident Chinese businessman who revealed corruption among senior Chinese leaders and information on Beijing’s spy networks. Since his whistleblowing appearance on multiple YouTube livestreams in 2017, he has received death threats against him and his family as well as an electronic hacking incident that temporarily disabled his yacht, nearly causing a collision on the Hudson River in New York. Former Deputy Ministers of China’s Ministry of Public Security, Liu Yanping and Sun Lijun, both traveled to the United States respectively and tried to “persuade” Guo to stop his whistleblowing and return to China. In the partial audio recordings released online, Liu and Sun kept mentioning the safety of Guo’s family and relatives, a typical emotional threat as seen in the report.

In response to the repeated and outrageous moves by the CCP, American government officials have expressed their serious concerns. In a report by the Washington Post, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray said, “China is violating norms and laws left and right,” adding that the unprecedented case sends a clear message to the Chinese government that “surveilling, stalking, harassing and blackmailing our citizens and lawful permanent residents carry serious risks.” Likewise, Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers indicated that pursuing targets with threats and coercion, sometimes directed at the relatives of those targeted, represents “a clear violation of the rule of law and international norms,” he said. Realizing the ongoing illegal activities of CCP’s officials and their team here in the States is just the first step of tackling this issue, it takes more concrete and concerted actions from various American government agencies to deter CCP’s transnational operations, which completely ignores American sovereignty and laws.

Posted By: Rica Machioni



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