【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】2021.7.22 Truth about the Flood Cover up of CCP

Video Clip:xtts | Chinese Subtitles:Yushanxiqiaoke | Translator: Arthur | Proofread:Yanbaohaomiao | Subtitles + Video Editor: xtts

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights2021.7.22Truth about the Flood Cover up of CCP

Miles Guo:

You guys are playing people of Henan. Millions people suffered from the disaster, over 5 million.You know how many people got killed? My fellow fighters. I can tell you. Right on the edge of the yellow river, right now, nobody is still breathing.

Mark my words in this broadcasting, I will not name the village yet.You know what is the order came down here? They must completely mute the villagers. Nobody will be able to get out alive.The CCP request the local leaders to hush it well.

Hush it well? What does it mean. Back in the time when there were AIDS villages,the deputy leader of Henan province was right next to me.In Yu Da, that was before Yu Da Hotel fully open up. Next to me, when he was notified the leader want to talk to him, he was scared. He said, this phone is not okay.He wanted to go back to his office to get the red phone. Let’s get it straight.We found a reporter went over to your place. You must stop him, better take his a good massage and make him one of us. Make sure he is going to speak for us, if there is no option, make it a dumb village. These were the original words.

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