The World Has Gone Insane Because of the Toxicity of Communism

The flood in Henan was a man-made disaster. It’s a massacre carried out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). And they are trying to present it as a natural disaster. Too much of the truth has been covered up.

  • Since the day before yesterday, floods have inundated many villages in Henan Province with no survivors. These villages are called mute villages.
  • There must have been many more people who died in Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 than in the Jingguang Tunnel.
  • The red alert for rainfall was issued five to six days ago. The CCP started releasing the floods more than 10 hours in advance.  But the Zhengzhou government did not give any warning at all, letting people go to school and work as usual.

Heavy rains are now moving into Shanghai and Beijing.

  • Shanghai is Jiang Zemin’s turf, so there should be no problem, right?
  • The leaders of Zhongnanhai have fled to Beidaihe.

Limeng Goblin Yan, Liar Lude (Wang Dinggang), and their group are now so shameless and lie all the time. They have become a complete joke.

  • “冠军的亲妈 “and “画家李金山” have joined Yan-Wang’s team to attack Miles and the Whistleblower Movement(WM).
  • Regarding the CCP virus, China’s grain storage, China’s economy, decoupling, the foreign exchange crunch, cash storage, etc., it was Miles who first introduced them, not Lude.  Without the WM and the New Federal State of China, they would be nobody.
  • These liars will not end up well.

Miles would like to play soccer with Mr. Hao Haidong.

Global economic collapse is on the way. 

  • Communist China will face massive shortages of food and medication, and the Chinese people will not be able to withdraw their money or remit their money abroad.

The CCP will certainly release the virus again.

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